How hormones affect your weight

For a very long time I believed that weight management is simple – calories in versus calories out and there’s nothing more to it than maths. But there was obviously something missing! What’s up with all the cravings, and why am I not slim yet even though I eat so little? If sugar is supposed to give you energy, why is it that I want to take a nap 20 minutes after I finish eating my doughnut? Say Hello to my friends, Insulin and Cortisol. They’re good guys, they both do very important jobs and you want them around. However, you want them in theRead More →

why we love food

Let me give you a warning: you might not like my answer (and I’m 100% OK with that). But part of reaching my goal weight after going up and down so many times was keeping an open mind and accepting that I might be wrong sometimes. 1. The animal brain I know we all think that we’re a highly evolved species. We’re capable of planning ahead, do math (well, some of us), work a computer, invent new things, lie, and many others that no other living being can do. But when it comes to chemicals in the body, we’re still animals. And the easiest exampleRead More →

exercise for low back pain

Disclaimer: This blog post is for informative purposes only, and not offering medical advice. Always consult your doctor when in doubt. If you have low back pain, so anywhere under your ribs and above your glutes, you’re not alone. About 80% of the population of developed countries has episodes of non-specific low back pain. Non-specific means there is no structural damage or condition you can attribute the pain to, it’s mainly your muscles and spine acting up. For some people, the pain comes and goes. For some, it becomes chronic and part of their lives. In the UK, back pain is the second most commonRead More →

The self coaching model blog image

A few months ago I discovered The Life Coach School podcast and its host, Brooke Castillo. I carefully listened for a while, just processing the information passively. She talks about weight loss, relationships, business and pretty much any topic you can think of. Things started to make sense and I started to apply what Brooke was teaching. My results so far? My anxiety has decreased and I’m finally losing weight in a sustainable way, not by dieting but by learning how to feel my feelings instead of eating them. Here’s a quick overview of the model and a few examples from what I dealt withRead More →

eat carbs blog title

In my first phase of weight loss, four years ago, I had to make a few changes. I gave up most carbs (though I was allowed to eat them on exercise days) including some fruit, dairy (I wasn’t vegan at the time) and processed meat. Everything was lean, clean, and home-cooked. Of course, I lost a lot of weight in the first month and then I was allowed to slowly re-introduce whatever I wanted in my diet, as long as I kept a daily calorie intake of 1200kcal. That was ridiculously low, and I talk about it in this video. Every phase of my weightRead More →

HEALTHY eating guidelines

Disclaimer: this will not apply to you if you have a condition that requires a specific diet – food allergies, intolerances, diabetes, etc. I am not a medical professional and I’m only qualified to offer advice in regards to exercise or general healthy eating. If your New Year resolution is to eat more healthily, I got you covered! This week’s post is all about healthy eating guidelines and how you can improve your diet bit by bit. We tend to make healthy eating much more complicated than it is, mostly due to the food industry that tries to sell us products. It’s normal, they haveRead More →

joining a gym in 2019

It’s January, the month of New Year Resolutions. The two most popular ones every year are exercising and losing weight, or a combination of the two. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and if you are working on it right now, I’m cheering for you! In today’s post, I want to help you decide whether to join a gym or not. So here’s a list of pros and cons of joining a gym in 2019. Things to consider before joining a gym 1. Structure and accountability It can go two ways – you can go there, not talk to anyone, not have a plan andRead More →

2019 reading list

It’s that time of the year. In between parties and mince pies, you reflect on how 2018 went and you plan 2019 to be the best year ever. I do it too. I’m not so crazy about new year goals as I used to be, but that’s only because I made it a habit to not wait for the beginning of the year or the month to start working on something. However, 2019 is also the year that I’ll start as fully self-employed, so I do have projects and goals that I’m planning at the moment. For this post, I’ll stay away from goals, butRead More →

ways to give back blog image

This post is sponsored by adidas. Although they provided the topic, all my ideas are mine, as usual. Are you one of those people who say, at least once a day in random conversations, “I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas”? Well, I am. Because I remember last year’s holidays like they happened yesterday. A lot has changed since, but there’s one thing that doesn’t change as the years go by. Come the holidays, everyone has a burning desire to give back. We’re closer to our families, we give and receive gifts, and we want to make a difference in the lives of those that areRead More →

On the 2nd of September 2018, Alin and I ran on the hilly roads of the Kauai at the Kauai Half Marathon and Marathon. I crossed the finish line of my 6th half, and Alin earned the medal of his 3rd full marathon and an honourable 5th place. Everything you’ll hear about this race is true. They say it’s brutal. That it’s hot, hilly and humid. ALL true. But nothing can bring you down if you prepare for it. Race Expo The expo is open for the entire weekend of the race. It’s hosted at the Hyatt hotel, and even if you’re not running, youRead More →