2017 Year In Review

It’s that time again. Time to look back at the year that went by even faster than the previous one. To be honest, I’m surprised that I could find a few things worth mentioning because 2017 wasn’t our best year. We changed home, I changed my job and developing a new routine has been challenging. Plus, the constant uncertainty of what’s going to happen once the UK leaves the EU added some stress.

But still, life goes on. And there’s one thing that didn’t change. We kept running.

Races in 2017

1. [Alin] Southern Cross Country Championships

Alin started the year with his first XC race. Unfortunately, one week before the run, he got sick. He took part anyway and even though it was a pain and he delayed his recovery, it made an excellent blog post.

southern cross country championships

2. The North London Half Marathon

We lived in North London for almost four years but decided to move to the countryside. Not too far outside the city, just enough to enjoy a calmer, cleaner environment. We said goodbye to the place that we called home for so long with a run. You can read a review of The North London Half Marathon here. Alin managed to secure an honourable place 82.

Before crossing the finish line at the North London Half

3. Hertford 10k

We said goodbye to our old home with a race and said hello to the new one also with a race. Not long after we moved to Hertford, we took part in our first official local run. Alin finished 3rd so that everyone knows there’s a new runner in town!

hertford 10k

4. Stockholm Half Marathon

The hardest, wettest and hilliest run we ever took part in. Our legs hurt for a couple of days after the race, but we enjoyed our stay in the city, and now we’re looking forward to visiting more northern cities. You can read the review here.

stockholm half marathon

5. [Alin] Chester Marathon

One of Alin’s goals this year was running a sub 3h marathon. Chester was the one. It was the last race of the season, and it was proof of what good training, nutrition, dedication and discipline can do. It was perfect, and you can read the review here.

chester marathon

Other events

1. I finished my Yoga Teacher Training

I am now a certified Yoga teacher, so expect more Yoga blog posts from now on :).


2. I published an e-book

I wanted to sell a product that I created. And after a few months of writing, editing, learning about sale funnels and marketing strategies, I did it. My e-book, “The Smart Girl’s Journey to Financial Bliss” is ready and available here. And not that I wrote it, but it’s really good!

the smart girl's journey to financial bliss

3. Alin won a few parkruns

We all know by now that he’s a very good runner, but winning is something else. Alin managed a few 1st places at the local parkrun and good results on all the other runs he took part in.

grovelands parkrun

We have big hopes for 2018. But until then what are you most proud of from 2017?

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