“Explore and Restore” – 7 Day Free Challenge to find balance in life through the Chakras

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A while ago, my Yoga journey opened a new door for me. I started learning about the Chakras and got the opportunity to understand even more about myself, my life and how the body reacts to different events or emotions. The beauty of the Chakras system is that even if you don’t believe in it, you get the chance to evaluate what’s going on with you, find the issues and start working on the solutions. I am now a certified Chakra therapist, and I invite you to join me for a 7 Day Free Challenge to explore and restore balance in all aspects of your life.

What are the Chakras?

The Chakras are energy centres in our bodies, each of them having a different focus. They react to events and emotions and can offer insights into what’s going on. They won’t have the solution but can point out that a problem exists.

As an example, a tight hip flexor muscle can be the result of a recent stressful situation. Have you ever been in a Yoga class focused on hips and the teacher mentioned that the stretches release emotions? Did you wonder what that means? The hips are part of the Sacral Chakra, the centre of our emotions. When we’re upset with someone, our primal instinct says: “fight!”. The body prepares for that, and it contracts, especially the muscles in our hips, that will help the leg kick up. Then our brain says “stop, we’re more civilized than this”, and we let it go. We drop the intention, but the muscles stay stuck in that state. That’s why we say that stretching them will release the emotion; we’re finally dealing with the effect it had on the body.

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What will happen in the 7-day challenge?

Every day, I’m going to send you an email talking about a new Chakra. I’ll present the focus, the problems that can arise and offer solutions to regain balance. From the list of options, you have to pick one tool every day. And if you want to share with me your insights and what you chose, we have a Facebook group where we can discuss (the link is in the first email).

Why take the challenge?

Because it’s an excellent opportunity to assess all aspects of your life – health, relationships, ego, communication, etc. – and work towards the best possible version of you. It’s the start of an internal journey to fully develop into the beautiful, creative and kind human being that you are.

It's the start of an internal journey to fully develop into the beautiful, creative and kind human being that you are. #yoga #chakras #yogachallenge Click To Tweet

Can I take the challenge even if I can’t do Yoga?

YES! One of the things I love about the work on the Chakras is that you have many options, some unrelated to Yoga. Yes, I will give poses and meditation as options, but there are many everyday activities that you can pick. For example, a walk in nature is a good way to take care of your Root Chakra. And so is budgeting or eating potatoes!

Do you have more questions? Pop them into the comments section, and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

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