About Us


We’re Andreea and Alin, bloggers at Green Zen Fit (rebranded from Penny Plain Fit). We talk about health, fitness, vegan food and lifestyle, minimalism and budgeting. It’s a never ending journey to better ourselves. We’ve gone through a lot of positive changes, we’re happier and healthier than ever and we want to help others do the same.

A few things we changed in the past 7 years:

  • We quit smoking
  • We started running
  • We changed our attitude towards money and started living on less
  • We moved to London
  • We lost a lot of weight and completely changed our lifestyle when it comes to eating and exercising
  • Alin became a very fast runner and got his Leadership in Running Fitness qualification
  • Andreea became a Pop Pilates instructor and still working towards other qualifications
  • We became vegan (for the animals)
  • We embraced minimalism

We’re loving life and we want to show that it’s possible to have fitness performance on plants, to change your life for the better, to live a calm and happy life.

A few words about our fitness transformation

We got married in May 2015. At the beginning of that year, when planning for the wedding was still chill, we realised that we got to a weight we’re not proud of at all. And I kept seeing wedding pictures of overweight couples on the internet and I thought to myself that can’t be me, I would regret it my entire life. I (Andreea) searched for a personal trainer on the webs and found someone I liked and so it began.

Alin training at home and myself at the gym, we learned a ton of stuff about fitness and nutrition. We bought a bike, weights, elastic bands and a swiss ball for home, so we couldn’t have any excuses.

Alin started to take nutrition courses and was fascinated by the things he was learning. I started a fitness instructor course. The wedding has come and gone, but we continued and this became a proper lifestyle.

Here’s how we changed back in 2015


And a more recent photo of us, October 2016, before attending our first Obstacle Course Race in London.

We’d love to connect with you, so reach out to us and we’ll answer!

We love you all!