7 Reasons To Become Minimalist And How To Get Started

I guess you’re familiar with the concept of minimalism because more and more people are changing their lives, overwhelmed by the number of things, bills and activities that fill their time and space. We want a simpler life, fewer worries and fewer things.

I’ve been reading lots of blogs, and I was already convinced about the benefits of minimalism, but I knew I had to make some changes when I started to have to jump over things to reach my phone charger or pick up my jacket.

When you live in a two bedroom flat with an attic and a garden, and you still don't have enough space, you have a problem. And no, I don't need a bigger house, my stuff needs a bigger house. Click To Tweet

If for any reason we would have to move house now, we would need at least a week to pack. One more alarm sounded in my head when I realized that I have too many things to do and my calendar is always full. If I don’t put a bathroom break on my calendar, I can’t pee all day.

We're starting our journey to become minimalists. We're listing 7 reasons to become minimalist and how to get started. Free decluttering checklist and a few more resources for your to read and get started.

Reasons to become minimalist

  1. Stuff occupies space and space means money
  2. Clutter is filling up your home and your mind
  3. Your life is ruled by your calendar because you have too many things to do
  4. You lost count of how many bills and direct debits you have
  5. Your health is a mess because you don’t have any time to cook or exercise
  6. You have debt and no idea how to start repaying it
  7. You care about the environment, and you want to be mindful of how your stuff affects the planet

Ringing any bells? Then maybe you should take this journey with us. Even if like us, you don’t thick all the boxes; any improvement will bring value to your life.

How did we get here?

We were both raised by simple families and let’s just say we didn’t have everything we wanted as kids. And the moment we finally could afford everything we wanted, we bought it. Ads, media and society played a big part in this, of course. Everyone hates Black Friday, but we still buy things because they’re cheap, not necessarily because we need them. Sales, the madness of a new iPhone, 2 for one offers, ridiculously cheap clothes… you get the idea. We bought stuff until they filled our home, they started to suffocate us, and we realized that they don’t play any part in our happiness. And now we have the massive job of sorting everything and keep just the things we need.


Other blogs

If you want to read more about this, here are our favourite blogs: http://www.becomingminimalist.com/ and http://mnmlist.com/archive/. Just be aware, they are very catchy, I once spent a full day reading. Becoming Minimalist also posts weekly reads, so other blogs that he reads and wants to share. You’ll go from link to link to link, it never ends!

Green Zen Fit

Since writing this blog post more than a year ago, we added a lot of content to the blog; you can find everything in the Minimalism Category. However, I have a few favourite posts:

*The Conquer Your Clutter Bundle

The bundle is a collection of ebooks, courses and printables designed to help you declutter.

What’s the first step for us?

The first step was admitting we have a problem. Then, this decluttering checklist.

Minimalism series. Declutter checklist and methods to declutter.

Ways to declutter

There is no perfect solution to declutter; we’ll do whatever works better for us. From what I read on other blogs, there are a few ways that we can try – or a mix of these things:

  • Pack EVERYTHING and then on the course of a month unpack just the things you need. Throw away all the rest; you obviously don’t need that. This was the approach of http://www.theminimalists.com/, and they stopped unpacking stuff on day 7!
  • One drawer at a time or one room at a time, Leo’s simple style at http://zenhabits.net/. For each room or drawer, have three boxes to sort things in – Stays, Goes and Maybe. The Maybe box gets sealed, and if in 6 months you don’t need anything in there, it Goes.

Once we have an update, we’ll do a blog post. Anyone else in this with us? Or maybe you’ve already done it and have advice?

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