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Here on Green Zen Fit, I’m usually the one that gives advice or offers inspiration. But have you ever wondered who inspires me?!

I decided to share with you what I listen to, what YouTube channels I follow, what blogs I read and the books that changed my life in a mini-series called “Meet my heroes”.

I’ll start with podcasts.

I love them. Whether you’re commuting to work, doing a long easy run or just chilling at the beach, podcasts are one of the best ways to consume information.

They are hands-free and don’t require you to look at a screen. And they can be informative or just pure entertainment – that’s your choice, I have a few recommendations for both.

If you’re a podcast junkie too, please leave me your recommendations after you browse my list; I can never listen to too many!

Best podcasts for health, fitness, business, entertainment and personal development

Health and fitness

1. The Yoga Talk Show

It’s not about Yoga as much as you would expect. Lucas covers all sorts of topics like sleep, hormones, weight loss, vitamins, mobility, flexibility, brain health, etc.

Too many interesting episodes? Start with this one:

Magnesium: Top Mineral for Yoga Students

2. No meat athlete radio

Presented by 2 vegan long distance runners, this podcast has been a good companion during my long runs. And although food and running are the main topics, they aren’t the only ones.

Here’s one episode I enjoyed:

Mindful Cooking, Flavors, and Keeping Food Simple with the Buddhist Chef

3. Others: The Rich Roll Podcast, Let’s Get Running, Everyday Running Legends

Business and personal development

1. Smart Passive Income

When I first listened to Pat Flynn and heard that I could make money while sleeping, without having a business of my own or becoming a Wall Street zombie, my whole life plan changed.

So if you’re interested in passive income or affiliate marketing, the online way, this is the best resource out there. If I were you, I’d start with the first episode and binge-listen and implement all the tips until I’m a millionaire (hm, not a bad idea).

But if you want to start with a recommendation from me, here’s an episode that filled me with hope and excitement:

Six-Figures in an Obscure Niche with Cassidy Tuttle. Spoiler alert: the obscure niche is succulents. Frickin’ succulents.

best podcasts to listen to

2. Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield is the world’s expert in list building. Whether you’re just starting out or already running a business, her podcast is full of tips, tricks and blueprints of how to do things right.

Since it’s the most business-oriented podcast in my entire list, I’m just going to leave you a link to a recent episode I got a lot of value out of:

Five Ways to Make Money (Without Using Webinars)

3. Hack the entrepreneur

Although business-oriented, it’s very light on technical details. In every episode, Jon Nastor interviews a new entrepreneur and tries to find the hack that helped him or her succeed in the business.

The conversations are always pleasant, full of insights and very inspiring. And since I’m talking about inspiration, here’s a really good one:

Set Goals That Scare the Hell Out of You

4. Pursuit with purpose

This one is a perfect mix of business and personal development, of information and mood-boosting conversations. Melyssa’s calm voice and the positivity of her mission, make the podcast a good companion on your commute – I sometimes close my eyes and allow myself to drift off into another world.

Here’s the episode I chose for you:

The surprising secrets for becoming a happier person

5. Mind your business podcast

James Wedmore believes that success in life and business is developed from the inside out and working more is not the solution, but working on yourself. Even if you care about business or not, you will find something useful in each episode.

So I’m not going to link just one, but two episodes! Enjoy!

Hacking The Champion Mindset with Jason Parker

Dissolving These 4 Money Blocks


1. Lore

Lore is short for folklore, so expect stories from the darkest times in history. If you’re a fan of horror movies or just curiosities, it’s the perfect one for you. Witches, curses, ghosts, old mental hospitals, islands, lake monsters – these are just a few things you’ll find in the short 30min episodes.

I can appreciate this is not for everyone, but if you want to hear creepy stories, here’s one:

Fanning the flames

2. My dad wrote a porno

How would it sound if one of your parents or older relatives wrote a pornographic novel? How would it sound if you gathered your 2 best friends and made them read chapters with you in front on a microphone? Funny as hell, right?

I caught myself laughing out loud many times while walking on the street with the headphones on. Because it needs to be listened to in order, you’ll have to go back to Episode 1.

3. Serial

This is the podcast that helped me go through marathon training. It’s the story of Adnan, accused of killing his ex-girlfriend. With every episode, I was changing my mind between “No, it can’t possibly be him” and “OMG, he killed her!”

I only allowed myself to listen to it during my runs, so it was an incentive to go out even when I was not in the mood – because I really wanted to know what happens next.

As with the previous one, you’ll have to listen in order, so go and check out Episode 1.

4. The Mustards

I discovered Jenny and David through Jenny’s YouTube channel because she’s a vegan and minimalist. They talk about everyday topics and it always feels like a conversation with friends.

For a relaxed chat about food, people, goals, life in Sweden vs London vs Berlin, habits, childhood stories and many more, get yourself a coffee or tea and hit play.

Here’s what I’m listening to right now:


This is what I have for you today. But please, leave me your recommendations in the comments below!



  1. I have a running podcast to add to the list: https://www.letsgetrunning.co.uk. They invite lots of professional athletes and coaches, discussing all things running. It’s presented by Shaun Dixon and Jermaine Mays, two recreational athletes with nice PBs in their legs and good humor.

  2. Lore. . .I have a hard time with that one because he reads or talks with his voice going up and down at the worst places, but I love the stories. . .just not his talking. . .so I had to stop listening to it! It was annoying me. I do like My Favorite Murder podcast! Have you heard that one? Also I have one called Simply Us and just a couple months ago started listening to the Mustards too!! They remind me a lot of me and my husband haha. Maybe they are cooler though. Oh well. Serial season one was amazing. I still don’t know if he did it or not after hearing it!

    1. Hm, I will try My Favourite Murder! Do you know that Lore has a video series on Amazon Prime now?! I have the exact same feeling about Serial, did he kill her or not!?

      1. I have seen the episodes of Lore on Amazon, yes. I think there was one I skipped though. The show was better than the podcast.

    1. Glad I could help! I will update this list as I discover more. I just listened to a good episode of The Rich Roll Podcast so I’m going to add it.

  3. Hi Andrea – Great article and tips! I too enjoy podcasts on the run (e.g. Tim Ferris is my go too). But, something to also consider is AUDIO BOOKS —- longer than podcasts but u can hear some great stories or great info in the process (Serial could’ve been a nice audio book in a way). In any way, great article and selections.

  4. Hey Andreea,

    Thanks for the great list of podcasts and for including HTE on the list! Much appreciated.

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