3 Business Lessons Learned Since I Quit My Last Corporate Job

business lessons i learned

It happened almost a year ago. I was in the office, testing an update of the streaming app. So I was watching TV for a living. My back was aching, my hips were sore (I was already seeing a physio), and my right thumb was slowly taking the shape of a claw on the remote control. The clock was showing 3 pm, and even though there were only two more hours until I had to run to catch my train, I realized I couldn’t do this anymore. I wanted to spend my time doing something more meaningful, something that won’t break me.

I got up and quit. Just like that. And I promised myself: no more corporations, no more full-time jobs. I wanted to change careers, have my own business and be the creative entrepreneur that I felt I’m meant to be.

When I left, I was interviewing with another company, but I knew that I’m going to say no to a full-time job even if what they’re offering is hard to say no to. I got through all the interviews with confidence and professionalism. I talked to the team members, the CEO and the owner. And damn it, I loved the business (sports performance, how perfect was that?).

But the day came when they offered me the job. I still don’t know how I got the courage to say that “I’m interested, but I want a part-time role”. The words just came out. What’s even more crazy is that they said Yes. Hell, they even said Yes when I asked for a two months break before going back to work!

That arrangement gave me time and financial support to follow my dreams.

I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training and worked my ass off – on the mat, reading books, blogging and networking. I used my commute time to study, and I had one working day every week to be what I wanted to be.

After I finished the teacher training in October 2017, I continued my education with different courses. I spent my Christmas holidays working on the blog, and that little effort is now bringing some passive income that covers the investments I made in tools and technology. I got my first Yoga gig as a cover teacher in January 2018.

My hard work is starting to pay off so I decided to further invest in myself and now I’m finally enrolled in business school. I’m looking forward to giving it my all and making my dream a beautiful reality.

3 Lessons learned in 10 months of not having a “real job”

1. New skills take time. And you need loads of them.

I was a Quality Assurance Engineer for ten years. I’ve been a blogger for two years and a Yoga teacher for two months. You do the math. Plus, when you’re an employee, all you really have to do is your job. You earn new skills and improve the ones you already have by being there 8 hours a day, five days a week.

Once you own the business, you have a new set of responsibilities that take time to learn, understand, do and optimize. Here are just a few things I had to learn in the last year:

  • Copywriting – for headlines and content
  • Sales and marketing
  • How to build email lists, email marketing, affiliate marketing
  • Social media and graphics
  • SEO and analytics
  • Tools to schedule social media posts, email campaigns or create sales pages

And of course, all these on top of Yoga Teacher Training and all the other courses I did to improve my knowledge and teaching.

2. You gotta take action

You can have a thousand ideas, if you don’t pick one of them and work on it, you’ll be as successful as the person who has 0 ideas. And if you go through courses but don’t apply what you learn, you’re wasting both your money and your time. You’re not in school, this is real life.

The latest example I have is The Copy Cure course. It’s a copywriting course that has a piece of homework after each module. I stayed on top of it, implemented what I learned, and suddenly, people are starting to reply to my email updates and even click on the links I ask them to click. My blog posts are more engaging too, I see it in the blog stats.

Wanna see what I’m talking about? Go to this link to read my latest email newsletter. And once you’re there, subscribe to the email list to be part of our March Challenge. It’s gonna be a good one, I’m telling you!


I currently have 2 sales pages that are live. One was created before I started the course and before I knew too much about email lists, and the other one is fresh from the oven. Can you guess which one was the first? Here are the links: Link 1 (budgeting ebook) and Link 2 (private Yoga classes services). Tell me in the comments!

3. Age is just a frickin’ number

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It’s never too late to make a change. I’m starting over at 30 when some people already have things figured out by this age. So what? I chose to live life on my terms and the journey is just beginning.

You know what? I’m looking forward to the 2019 update. Because it can only get better from here and it’s already pretty sweet.

Your turn. First of all, answer that quiz!

Then, let me know if you ever had to change careers and how did that go. What’s your number one lesson or piece of advice for others that are afraid to take the step?

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