This is a guest post by Katrina Rice. Thanks, Katrina! Running is one of the best cardio workouts that can be practiced by everybody. But experiencing knee pain while and after running can be due to many different factors. The most common would be misalignment of your femur bone, knee cap stress due to excess weight, uneven platforms, using the wrong shoes, health problems like arthritis, gout, sprains or old injury, and many more. Pain at the front of the knee is the most common pain there is during and after running. It commonly affects teenagers, female and older athletes. In most cases, the painRead More →

If you’re following me on Strava, you’ve probably noticed that I described my North London Half race with words that I almost never use :). The reason for that was that it was both a hard and an enjoyable race, all this goodness concentrated in a wee bit over 1 hour and 24 minutes, an unexpected outcome, so I had to share this state of mind with the world. The pace. My greatest weakness so far in big races, especially longer ones, was starting off too fast. Not this time. I believe that keeping myself from going too fast during the first 5-10 minutes ofRead More →

8 weeks ago I started a programme called “Scream if you want to run faster” organized by Julie from “Too fat to run”. It was a 5k improvement plan and I tested my time with the Grovelands Parkrun in North London. This particular parkrun is pretty hard, very hilly and it has 3 laps, with an incline of 46m. My Personal Best was 28:53 which I got one week after the London Marathon in 2016. That means that I’d been training at that moment for about 4 months. No wonder I got a PB! However, time passed, my training months were long gone so IRead More →

None of the two of us were heavily involved in sports activities during school. However, I believe that if our PE teachers had more interest in the future of their young students, they might have motivated us to pursue an athletic career. The turning point for our lives was the moment when we quit smoking. We were already doing some other changes in our lives (saving money for example) and we understood that by doing nothing out of the ordinary, we will achieve nothing out of the ordinary. So we had to take control of our lives and fill the void left by the missingRead More →

At the beginning of the month, I set myself some goals. Publicly, on the blog, to keep me accountable. I joined the “Scream if you want to run faster” programme and went back to the gym after a month of exercising at home. “Scream if you want to run faster” The first 4 weeks of the programme are now completed, which means I’m more than halfway there! Every week we had to do 3 runs, one of which had to be a 5k at full speed. Not only the programme aligned perfectly with my training for the North London Half Marathon, but I got myRead More →

During typical running workouts like intervals, hill reps, tempo and threshold runs, you need to follow very specific sequences. But with the easy runs it’s only about keeping your heart rate low and miles up. And that can lead to boredom. Here is what I’m doing to pimp up my easy runs. I count my steps. I own a Microsoft Band which has a pedometer, but the step count per minute is not reported during runs. So I need to do it for myself. The gadget market for the running world has exploded in the last couple of years, so probably all the current devicesRead More →

My preparation for the South of England Cross Country Championships was going smooth. I have finished my intensive training with a 24km of hard work of keeping myself at the threshold, broke my half marathon PB and all this gave me the uplifting confidence I needed before the race. But then the unthinkable happened. I picked up a throat inflammation that peaked on Tuesday and Wednesday. I usually try to let the body do its job and not intervene with medication, but this was a case when I was desperate to run the race in my top form. So I topped up with loads ofRead More →

February, yes, that’s right. It seems like yesterday we were attending Christmas parties and now we’re already planning Valentine’s Day (well, at least some people). With PIIT28 done and dusted, it’s time for the new month and having the North London Half marathon just around the corner (March 12), I need to focus more on running. I got a great opportunity to join Julie in her “Scream if you want to run faster” programme. It’s a 5k improvement plan and for the next 8 weeks I’m going to try to smash my 5k personal best. The techniques we’re going to use are mostly the onesRead More →

For us, January came with a lot more on our plates that we expected. An incident at the park left us with a suffering injured dog (and countless vet visits), I had to train for the badass cross-country race at the end of January and Andreea started a diet bet and a new job. We knew that stress and lack of sleep are the proper ingredients for overeating, getting out of shape, and feeling miserable, so we decided we’re going to optimize our spare time and not fall into that trap. Not everyone has a coach to sort out their plans If you browse theRead More →

Due to the popularity, PR and marketing around them, road races might put you in danger of limiting your running surfaces spectrum. However, probably all professional long distance runners launch their careers not on the tarmac or on the track, but on the grass and mud. And whenever you put grass, mud and running together, you’re talking about cross country, often abbreviated as XC. Paula Radcliffe‘s first gold medal was as a junior at the World Cross Country Championships in Boston 1992. Mo Farah‘s first junior race was English schools cross-country when he finished ninth. Derek and Callum Hawkins, Andrew Butchard, they all started competingRead More →