Minimalist Gift Guide

If yours is a minimalist, I have put together a list of rules and gift ideas to help you get through this. As a minimalist myself, I know what items to recommend and the ones that you most definitely must stay away from. Rules. What to buy or avoid buying when shopping for a minimalist 1. No home decor There is nothing more annoying to us minimalists, than useless things that will take up space in our home. All the furniture and decor we have, went through a process of careful selection, so I wouldn’t want to receive something that doesn’t fit in. It’s a veryRead More →

A few weeks ago, I replaced my iPhone with an old touchscreen-less Nokia phone. You know, one of those that require you to click the same key three times to type F when you text. I did it because the phone had become an extension of my fingers and I was spending too much time holding it. If I had a few seconds to wait in a line, I used that time to check my email. If I got bored on the train, I used to scroll through social media again and again just to see the same depressing stuff on my feed. I wasRead More →

You finished your couch to 5k programme; you ran your first parkruns, maybe a 10k or a half marathon here and there, but you want to be faster. And of the handful of running workouts you can do to achieve that, there is one that’s at the core of speed improvement: intervals. The deal with intervals What is the role of the intervals? Let’s take a single mile as an example. You are currently running a mile in 8 minutes. You can split a single mile (~1.6km) in fairly even quarters of 400m each. When you run a whole mile, your split times for eachRead More →

We recently celebrated one year of minimalism, and in the anniversary post, I mentioned what we purchased in the last 12 months. But there’s also a lot of stuff that we didn’t buy, so let’s talk about reusable items. When we were still in the decluttering and minimising phase, we tried to switch everything we can to a reusable option. I wrote a blog post about all the new habits we were trying out, but the emphasis was on space optimization and environment, but the truth is, we also saved some money. Let’s do the math together. Reusable items – how much you can saveRead More →

I remember August 2016 very well. I was tired and took some personal time from work with the sole purpose of resting. So I was home, just hanging around and one day I got very frustrated that we had a pile of clothes on the exercise bike. I looked around, and there were so many things. And the more I looked, the more things appeared. And so it started. It took us about a month to declutter, and we documented everything in blog posts. You can read about how we decided to do it, how we changed our closets, how we decluttered bedding and towels,Read More →

I was unsure if I should post this or not, we haven’t told too many people that our house was broken into, we try not to consider it a big deal. And honestly, it’s not, because they didn’t steal anything. There was nothing to be stolen. Here’s the story. Our minimalist home We embraced minimalism almost one year ago – we sold, donated, recycled or in extreme cases threw away, most of our possessions. We kept the essentials, the things we use regularly and the things we love. You can read about our adventure here. Mid-March this year we left our London flat to escapeRead More →

In this post, I’ll share with you the usual offenders when it comes to items we overspend on. But let me start with a little exercise. Do I buy it or not? A quick tip to help you decide. For quite a while now I changed my way of shopping completely. Actually, the way I look at prices. How do we pay for stuff? With money. How do we get the money? By working – around 8 hours a day, from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. We’re almost never home during the week, and we spend the weekend cleaning, cooking and organizing. So whenRead More →

When we massively decluttered last summer, the room that needed the most work was the kitchen. It’s the smallest room in the house and just so you can have an idea of its size, only one person can be in at a time. So to do a purge, we first had to decide what we use most and what makes cooking easy for us. And this is what stayed. The best tools to have in a minimalist kitchen 1. Electric kettle For any recipe that requires hot or boiling water, we have it available at the touch of a button. We also use it toRead More →

I don’t think humans are meant to multitask. And still, we do it all the time. Or at least we think we do it, but end up not giving the proper time and attention to neither of the activities we’re involved in. “Not being in the present moment” is a very trendy way of saying this. For example, if we’re in a meeting and we also catch up on emails while someone’s talking, are we really listening to that person? We think we do and then we leave the room thinking “what the hell was this meeting about?”. Why do we multitask? I’ve been workingRead More →

We started our minimalism journey this summer. You can read a few previous blog posts to see how we decluttered: Becoming minimalists. 7 reasons why you should do it too Decluttering clothes Declutter phase – Bedding Declutter phase – Books & DVDs The true cost of your unwanted things Decluttering done – what’s next? Ditch the disposables. How much I saved in a year But what’s been happening since then? This is a continuous learning journey – we keep experimenting, acquiring new habits and adapting them to our own lifestyle. No one way will work for everyone. Minimalist habits to try out 1. Selling stuffRead More →