For quite a while now I changed completely my way of shopping. Actually, the way I look at prices. How do we pay for stuff? With money. How do we get the money? By working – around 8 hours a day, from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. The more stuff we want, the more money we need. So the more we need to work. It’s an exchange of our time for money, an exchange the robs us from our freedom. We’re almost never home during the week and we spend the weekend cleaning, cooking and organizing. So when do we spend quality time withRead More →

A while ago I started a Money Series on the blog and if you read the blog post and tried to budget for a month, you have successfully finished Step 0 – Now you know what you’re spending money on. If you didn’t, you can start now as the month has just begun. Step 1 is one of the most important and life changing ones. The Emergency Fund. It’s usually a sum between 1000$ and 1500$ (it’s the average amount that could cover almost any type of common emergency) but depending on your currency you might just settle for something else. For us, it was 5300Read More →

Welcome to a new series on the blog. I have no idea how many blog posts we can write on the matter, but we would very much like to share with you all the experience, tips, lessons we learned in the past 5 years in terms of money. A bit of background When Alin and I met, we were both in a very bad financial situation and I even think we made it worse after we started dating. Both of us had an overdraft attached to our debit cards and he was still paying for his car. We were in debt and we considered thatRead More →