Country Living Magazine Spring Fair 2017. British crafts at Alexandra Palace

Country Living Magazine Spring Fair 2017. British crafts at Alexandra Palace

Our May Bank Holiday weekend started with a short trip to London for the Country Living Magazine Spring Fair. We got our tickets for free in exchange for this blog post, but what we’re super happy about is that someone else also had free tickets after the giveaway we hosted on the blog. YEY! Hope our winner had a day as nice as we had, putting a smile on someone’s face is always rewarding.

Getting there was pretty easy, Alexandra Palace having its own train station, on a direct line from Hertford North. We dropped off our Beagles with a friend and had a few hours to explore the fair on our own. We walked a lot that day (24000 steps according to my phone), my Mom wasn’t too happy about that, but once we got to the top of the hill, the view was so impressive she forgot about her tired legs.

London’s Skyline from Alexandra Palace

We picked up our passes, bought a ticket for Mom and we went in. First stall we stopped at was the Woodland Trust one. About a year ago, at another fair, I met this lovely dude and I was very impressed with the work the Trust is doing. I was in a rush that day, so I couldn’t spend some more time and fill in forms to become a supporter and I kinda regretted that. So once I saw him at the Country Living Magazine Spring Fair, I immediately recognized him and he recognized me too! So we had a chat, filled in the forms and now we’re Woodland Trust supporters. Have a look on their website!

After we signed up

Another charity that we already support is Dogs Trust, so I stopped to take a selfie with their stuffed animal. The guy at the stall gave all of us a hug to thank us for helping every single month. We sponsor a dog named Kara, which is a retired greyhound that was abandoned after her money making career ended.

Moving on, there were a few workshops going on – sewing, knitting & crochet, tote bag printing. Everyone was so focused on doing a great job, we stopped and watched for a few minutes and Mom was a bit sorry we didn’t register for any of them. Next year I’ll know better! One thing that the fair was missing for sure (or else we just couldn’t find them!) were yarn stalls! Both Mom and I love yarn crafts! Well, maybe the positive in this is that we didn’t spend tons of money on yarn – we probably would have if they were there.

Something I did spend money on was skin care. I was passing by a stall and an amazing smell just hit me. I had to have it. I paid £12 for a bath oil with Lemon and Orange from Southsea Bathing Hut and then another 20 on a face serum from The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co. I love them both and the smell is divine!

Here’s a few other things that were going on.

We enjoyed our day and for anyone going next year, here’s my advice: spend a full day (or even 2!), sign up for workshops and try all the things!

Alexandra Palace. Known for the BBC tower – the place of the first ever TV broadcast

And if you did go, let me know what you enjoyed most!

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