Decluttering done. What’s next?

We’ve been decluttering and sharing our story for the past month. A month! That’s a lot of time spent cleaning. Now that we’re happier with the remaining possessions, what shall we do next? You might say “nothing”, but doing nothing will probably cause the clutter to come back.

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So we’ve come up with some ideas to keep things from piling up again and continue our journey to minimalism.

Decluttering done. What can you do next to keep the clutter away and continue your journey to minimalism

One thing a day

Meaning we’re going to get rid of 1 thing every day for the next year. When I told this to Alin, he freaked out, but after explaining that it’s in fact 1 item per household and not per person, it seemed easier to do. And it can be anything – donating a book we just finished reading, throwing away a pair of old socks, selling a device we got bored of, etc. I’m going to try to document this one-year long adventure and post about it in 365 days :).

1 in, 1 out

For things we don’t have too many of, whenever we want to buy a new one, an old one has to go. This can be applied to running shoes, jackets, accessories, towels; you get the idea. So whatever we’re buying, it better be a perfect fit and great quality.

No more…

DVDs, paper magazine subscriptions, printing photos (unless it’s something really worth it), goodie bags at events, holiday souvenirs. Pretty much anything that has no other purpose in life than to occupy space.

Sort out other aspects of our lives

I’m talking about money, activities and food. Being vegan is already a form of minimalism, but one thing we need to get better at is food preparation. We usually cook one meal at a time, so we spend too much time in the kitchen. So meal planning is probably the next thing to work on.

Pick up new habits

The one we’re working on right now is “process immediately”

Leaving things for later creates clutter and makes the house harder to clean. A few examples: wash the bowl after eating, open and process mail as soon as it arrives (either shred, recycle or keep), change next to the closet so everything will be put back immediately, all dirty clothes go immediately in the laundry basket. Any other examples you can think of?

Finish what we start

Some clutter was due to unfinished projects – either my knitting projects or courses, so completing activities or projects will help to avoid clutter in the future.

Every item of one type in one place

All mugs are now in one place in the kitchen rather than in every room on the window sill. Each one of us has one single closet where we keep all our clothes and accessories, including bags.  All towels are in one closet, rather than 3.

Do you want to try any of these things? Have you been through a declutter yourself? We’re happy to share your story with everyone if you’d like to!

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