[Meet my heroes] 13 YouTube channels you need to subscribe to

favourite youtube channels

Because you loved the posts in the “Meet my heroes” series, I’m back with a new one! If you missed the first two, here they are:

Another one of my favourite ways to learn new things, apart from reading and listening to audio, is video! I find it easier to process information if it’s accompanied by images and sometimes more personal if the person speaking is in front of the camera.

And I think you’ll agree with me when I say that life is a bit easier if the video is free. Yes, paid online courses bring huge value and a framework to achieve your goal, but for a mix of learning and entertainment, my go-to platform is YouTube.

So here are my favourite channels for different areas of life.

youtube channels to subscribe to

Personal development

1. Amy Landino

Topics: time management, productivity, be your own boss, social media and YouTube tips.

And she has a Beagle, of course I like her. I learned a lot of cool life hacks from Amy, one, in particular, is how to schedule my calendar.

2. Marie Forleo

Topics: skills you need in business and life, goals, facing your fears, interviews with successful people.

Marie is my business mentor! I’m a student of her B-School programme, and if you’ve seen a change in how I write or how I do things around here, it’s thanks to her.

3. Modern Health Monk

Topics: develop good habits, achieve your goals, improve your life.

Alex thinks that the quality of your life can improve by mastering your habits and it’s the tiny things that we do every day that have the greatest impact.

Minimalism and sustainability

4. Jenny Mustard

Topics: minimalism, fashion, veganism, feminism.

Jenny’s channel might be the first one I ever subscribed to on YouTube! I found her when I just started my minimalism journey and watched all her videos in a few days. I’ve been a big fan ever since.

5. More Melody

Topics: minimalism, home organization.

If you’re new to minimalism, spend a few hours watching Melody, she has loads of good tips.

6. Shelbizleee

Topics: sustainable living, zero waste lifestyle, eco brands, dumpster diving.

Heads-up: Shelby is something else. I love everything she’s about, and her videos are entertaining too. She reviews good brands but also calls out on the non-eco or wasteful ones. And even if dumpster diving sounds extreme to you, watch one of the videos and see what that’s about. Good channel to binge watch and I’m loving her latest “anti-haul” series.

7. Sustainably Vegan

Topics: sustainable living, zero waste lifestyle, low impact living.

Apart from giving good advice, she’s British! This is the only channel in my list with local tips, so if you’re in London, you can find out about zero waste shops and brands we have around.


8. The Financial Diet

Topics: budgeting, money, spending habits.

A very enjoyable channel, great to binge watch, that talks about personal finances in a chatty and relaxed way.

9. Jeff Rose

Topics: personal finance, investing, income strategies, business, personal development.

Jeff is a certified financial planner and talks about all things money. It may be a bit more technical than The Financial Diet, but the tone is still conversational, and you can understand everything Jeff’s saying.


10. Mic The Vegan

Topics: nutrition, veganism, medical studies, research.

A must watch if you are vegan or want to be! Although a bit on the technical side, nothing is too complex or hard to understand. Everything Mic talks about is backed by science and good to know if you want to be in better health.

11. NutritionFacts.org

Topicsnutrition, veganism, medical studies, research.

As with Mic’s channel, Dr Greger’s is on that you must subscribe to for all things plant-based. I mentioned Dr Greger in two of my previous blog posts (links below), as I’m currently reading How Not To Die.


12. Clean My Space

Topics: cleaning, organizing.

For cleaning tips, natural cleaning recipes, decluttering, and other home-related topics, subscribe to Melissa’s channel.

13. Exploring Alternatives

Topics: van life, narrowboat life, tiny house living, off the grid.

You don’t have to own a boat or a van to enjoy their videos. Yes, we ended up on a narrowboat after we found out that it’s possible to live differently, but we’re still amazed by how others live. It’s both inspiring and entertaining.

These were mine. But of course, let me know your favourite channels in the comments.

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