End of February check in and March goals

At the beginning of the month, I set myself some goals. Publicly, on the blog, to keep me accountable. I joined the “Scream if you want to run faster” programme and went back to the gym after a month of exercising at home.

“Scream if you want to run faster”

The first 4 weeks of the programme are now completed, which means I’m more than halfway there!
Every week we had to do 3 runs, one of which had to be a 5k at full speed. Not only the programme aligned perfectly with my training for the North London Half Marathon, but I got my running mojo back. Since I ended the Run Every Day challenge on the 31st of October 2016, I kinda hated running and opted for different training activities. I’m enjoying running again and I’m back to doing the run commute to avoid the awful public transport. My commute is 13km long by the way and it takes me 1h 40min, but I’m still happier than on the train :). In 3 weeks we’re going to live 20km outside London, so I won’t be able to do this anymore, I have to enjoy while I still can.

Before “Scream If you want to run faster” I haven’t done an interval session in my life. I’m sure you’ve read some of Alin’s running posts where he talks about speed work and intervals and other fancy stuff, but I never followed his advice! Well, now I kinda have to. And it’s easier since I’m sharing the journey with a community of women who aim for the same goal as myself, not Alin’s sub18 illusion!?! I’m doing sprints, intervals, strides, speed play and it’s hard, but I’m loving it!

After the 3rd week of training, I had a PB at the Grovelands Parkrun, with 28:23! My previous PB was 28:53 and I got it the week after the London Marathon in April 2016. It was long overdue and IT FELT SO GOOD!

Back to the gym

I missed my little gym family! Since my office is not close to the gym anymore, it takes me longer to get there, so I have to plan ahead according to my calendar (and Alin’s work from home days), but I managed to get to 2 classes every week.

Red triceps after upper body class!

Here’s how February was in terms of training if you’re curious to know exactly how much exercise I do.

Week 1
Monday – Run commute in the evening (11km)
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Legs & Shoulders class
Thursday – Bootcamp class
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Parkrun with Yoko (11k total) & Yoga for hamstrings
Sunday – 5k

Week 2
Monday – Upper Body class in the morning + 7km run-commute in the eve
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Core & Hips class
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Ashtanga Yoga
Saturday – Parkrun (11km total)
Sunday – 20 min recovery run

Week 3
Monday – Recovery run with dogs (3k)
Tuesday – Yoga for hips & Meditation
Wednesday – 3k run with sprints in the AM; Legs & Shoulders class in the eve
Thursday – Easy run with the dogs in the AM (3k); Boxing class in the evening
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Parkrun (11k and Personal Best achieved!)
Sunday – Core workout at home

Week 4
Monday – Upper Body class
Tuesday – Morning run commute (13km) + Bootcamp class in the evening
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Yoga for splits
Friday – 3k of intervals and strides
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 5k of intervals and strides

Goals for March

  • Continue with 2 gym sessions, 3 runs and 1 yoga session a week;
  • End the running programme, hopefully with another Personal Best;
  • The North London Half Marathon on the 12th of March – I don’t have any time goal because it’s VERY HILLY, but anything under 2h 30min is ok
  • The Big Move To Hertford :). It’s going to be a stressful month, but even if there are so many things happening, I see it as a new chapter in our lives. With change comes opportunity, right?

What have you done this past month? Any plans for March?


  1. “In 3 weeks we’re going to live 20km outside London, so I won’t be able to do this anymore”

    What about bike?

    1. We might occasionally go for hikes with the bikes, but commute is not an option. By all means it is possible, but it’s a too extreme sport for us. You would understand if you’d live in London 🙂

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