The fitness industry and social media

When it comes to fitness, social media is both wonderful and horrible. And everything in-between. There are people who genuinely want to share their journey and their tips, but also brands that leave meaningless comments and then run away. Faking engagement doesn’t work, at least for me it doesn’t. So if I follow you or not, you can see the reasons below.


Our instagram account is 100% real. We rarely have professional photos done and don’t take part in fancy events. And this is what we’re really about – ordinary people can make health a priority in simple ways.

I’m NOT gonna follow you if:

  • You only have pictures of your abs
  • You only have selfies
  • You have way bigger muscles than I consider pleasing to the human eye
  • You leave me comments like “Great job”, “Amazing”, “Let’s see more”. If you wanna see more, browse the feed
  • You’re a brand and you follow me first, but what you’re offering is of no interest to me
  • You have a food account, but no vegetarian dishes
  • You obviously have a robot that reacts to the #fitness hashtag and leaves meaningless comments
  • You’re a brand ambassador and all your posts are marketing posts
  • You’re a beauty or fashion blogger. I’m just not into it. I wear make up twice a year max and I’ve only been buying fitness clothing for the past year.

I’m gonna DO follow you if:

  • I know you personally
  • You’re a brand that I use
  • You show exercises, give tips and I have something to learn from you
  • You have pictures of beautiful yoga poses
  • You belong to one of the communities I’m part of – fitness bloggers, runners, going to the same gym
  • You are vegan or vegetarian and post recipes
  • You have something different than the others
  • You are a professional bodybuilder, but don’t fall into one of the categories mentioned in the “NOT gonna follow” section

And it’s worth mentioning that I delete comments that point me to “get followers” links. I don’t need those kind of “followers”.


Same applies here. If you’re a brand, do know that I never ever follow you just because you follow me. Following people and then running away is a really bad strategy. If you have something that interests me, I’m gonna find you, don’t worry.

Also, auto DMs should be banned for eternity. They’re impersonal and I hate them. Send a tweet instead. And if you have some information you’d like to share with others, put it in the account description. If I’ll get an auto DM, my opinion about you will change and I may even unfollow you.


I like Facebook because it’s more personal. It’s cleaner. I get to choose if I’m going to be friends with someone. As for pages – Beagles, Vegans and Fitness – my feed is full. I like having things to share.

“Like 4 Like” doesn’t work. I did it at some point and I realized you don’t get real engagement from those people and they don’t get real engagement from you (unless it really is a page that you’re interested in). I eventually forgot why I liked those pages and that I “promised” I’ll never unlike them. So I did and I assume other did the same to me. Wasted time :).

What’s your attitude towards social media? If you’d like to connect, we’re @greenzenfit on Instagram and Twitter and /greenzenfit on Facebook.

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