Make fitness more fun

Everyone wants to be healthy these days, but as you’ve probably discovered, it can be pretty hard to wake up early, force yourself into the gym, and get stuck into a good workout. If you’re finding it tough to motivate yourself towards your fitness goals, it may be time for a different approach. There are many more enjoyable ways to improve your fitness and shed some pounds. Here are just a few…


If you bought your kids a trampoline years ago, then you may have a fun and effective tool for getting fit literally in your own backyard! As your son or daughter will affirm, bouncing around on a trampoline is heaps of fun, and many health journals will tell you it provides a brilliant low-intensity workout which will get all your muscle groups working. The way trampolines are constructed, with the springy skin you’ll be jumping on, means that you’ll put very little stress on your joints and muscles, making this the ideal choice for people who want to get healthier, but hate leaving the gym feeling sore all over. If you haven’t got a suitable trampoline in the garden, there should be a local leisure centre that runs classes.

Go Cycling

A lot of people spend a large part of their childhood whizzing around on a bike, but then drop the activity once they get past a certain age. If you ever have moments where you reminisce about those carefree days riding through dreamy summers, then this could be your ticket to getting fit, and having fun while you do it. Obviously, a decent-quality bike and cyclist insurance policies aren’t the kind of thing you can buy on a whim. However, you can still give cycling another try by renting a bike and taking it for a spin around a track, or simply tagging along and borrowing one when one of your friends goes for a ride. This fun activity will not only help you lose fat and improve your overall fitness, but also has a range of cardiovascular benefits, and can have a strong positive psychological impact.

Ice Skating and Rollerblading

Getting your skates on, whether for the street or the ice rink, is another enjoyable workout you may find it easier to fit into your schedule. Both ice skating and rollerblading are great for toning your thighs and bum, and an hour of it can make for a fantastic aerobic workout. Furthermore, the constant need to keep your balance will tense and strengthen your stomach muscles. You may feel a little self-conscious if you haven’t skated in years or ever at all, but once you’ve got past that initial shakiness, the basic movements become so much easier. If you really don’t want to fall over in front of more competent skaters, you may be able to find a beginner’s class at your local ice rink.

Rope jumping

Another childhood favourite, at least for myself, rope jumps are fun and burn loads of calories. Heart rate goes right up and your calf muscles will feel it the next day. Make it more fun by treating it as a game – how many jumps before you make a mistake? How long does it take to get to 100 jumps? And so on.


If you thought that getting fit was all about early mornings, grueling workouts and ironclad self-discipline, I hope this post has given you ideas to make fitness more fun!

Any other ideas? What kind of weird or fun things do you do?

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  1. Great ideas! I took one of my twins to a trampoline park recently and got a pretty good workout jumping around with her. One thing we love to do as a family is to play sports games on the Wii. A lot of the games really get you moving.

    1. Oh yeah, Wii is a good idea, specially for winter months when going out for long hours is not too pleasant 😀

  2. We do a ton of hiking. It’s a way the whole family can sneak in some fitness while enjoying nature. We tried roller skating, but the kids spent most of the time on the rink floor! 🙂

    1. We have dogs, so we walk A LOT. I mean, a lot :)). We’re always on the lookout for walking / hiking / running places where dogs are welcome so we can all be out. I cannot do the skating myself, my bumm has suffered enough when I tried it.

  3. These are all great suggestions! I am terrible at getting active, and I hadn’t even thought of using a trampoline. That might be something fun that I would do, plus my daughter would love it too!

    1. Trampoline parks are very trendy right now, give it a shot. But of course, safety first, don’t try any crazy stuff right at the start 🙂

    1. Me too! I get bored easily 🙂

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