Hold Tight Fit Fam, You’re Nearly There!

If you have been running, hitting the gym, swimming or focusing on your yoga over the winter months then congratulations you! Everyone knows that exercise is tough and keeping to your routine isn’t always something that comes naturally. Trying to maintain this when the mornings and evenings are darker, it’s freezing cold outside and most of our runs are damp and muddy, deserves a medal!

Winter takes it toll on our bodies for a variety of reasons. Lack of natural sunlight means reduced Vitamin D which is a feel good vitamin helping boost our positivity and energy levels. It’s not unlikely we have over indulged increasing our intake of alcohol and sugary foods at Christmas. The combination of a less than perfect diet and a lack of good quality sun can have a huge impact on our mental and physical health so thinking about a little pre spring “detox” might be a good idea to help redress the balance. Detox meaning – have a great mix of vegetables and fruits (fresh or in smoothies) to get plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

To help boost your Vitamin D, you can find good supplements providing both Vitamin D and Omega 3 (if you’re not vegan though, oily fish is packed with Omega 3 which is great for your joint and body).

The cold weather will probably have shown its effect on your body too. Not spending long enough to warm up in the colder weather or running earlier in the mornings, could increase the stress on our joints and muscles and also slow down the healing process, even if you are on a protein rich diet. The benefit of a sports massage at this time of year are endless. You don’t have to head for one every week, however this rather depends on your activity levels, but try to make an appointment once a month until you get back into the warmer weather. This will help get your body back in optimum condition and make you feel less tight and sore.

Whilst you are probably fed up with the wet conditions, don’t forget to hydrate as much as you do in the summer. Our bodies constantly need to be supplied with fresh, filtered water and you notice the difference straight away to both your mind and physical health if you reduce this supply. If you want to add a little boost then consider coconut water or pomegranate juice. Just make sure you aren’t taking on too much extra sugar so always read the information on the packaging.

Keep going! You are so close to the good season. Warm weather is coming and with it, happier exercising!

*for full disclosure, this was a sponsored post

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