January goals with PIIT28 and DietBet


For the past year, my weight has been shifting from 55 to 57kg and back, but my goal weight is 54. I’ve never been able to get lower than 54.9. With the Christmas foods and a bit of stress from having a sick dog, 2016 left me at 56.7. So I needed a kick, motivation, something to push me to finally get to that target of mine.


I’ve been doing Pilates for a while and following some of Cassey’s (Blogilates) workouts since I became a Pop Pilates instructor. The PIIT28* programme seemed like a good fit for me, so during the Christmas break I purchased it and planned to start it after the New Year madness is over. For someone who goes to the gym regularly, January is annoying due to the number of new people that come in, so something that I can do at home worked best.

So what is PIIT28*?

PIIT is Pilates Intense Interval Training, and 28 is the number of minutes the workout takes. It’s four rounds of 7 exercises of 45sec each with a 15sec break in between. But, warmup and cool down are advised, so the entire session takes me 45 minutes. Oh, and the programme also takes 28 days (6 workouts per week, 1-day rest). If you make it through the 28 days and complete an Instagram challenge at the same time (post a picture every day with a certain theme), you can request a PIIT28 t-shirt because you earned it. I also opted for the vegan meal plan, so both fitness and nutrition should be covered until the end of January.


Ok, so I have the workouts, and I have the food, can I get some extra motivation? Here’s where DietBet comes in.

I never intended to start the programme on a Monday or so early in the month (the 2nd of January), but something came up in my Facebook feed, and that was the push I needed. DietBet is a platform for weight loss bet games. You join a challenge, you bet some money, and if you achieve your goal, you split the pot with everyone else who did. So if you reach your target weight, you at least get your money back. The game I joined requires 4% body weight loss in 4 weeks, which will make me get to 54.4 at the end of the game, the month and the PIIT28 programme.

Now, the calories math. I need to lose 2.3kg or 17.500kcal. That means I need a 625 calories deficit every day or 4375 calories every week. Weight loss should be:
– end of week 1: 570g
– end of week 2: 1.1kg
– end of week 3: 1.7kg
– end of week 4: 2.3kg and goal achieved.

I’m going to post a weekly update to keep me accountable.

Baby steps to avoid failure

How did I plan this?
I usually try to make small steps and not start too many things at a time, because that can fail fast. It’s hard if not impossible to focus on multiple tasks for long periods of time. So this is what happened so far:

1 January

  • Last day of sweets and champagne
  • Joined DietBet
  • I had PIIT28 already purchased and read through the PDFs to know what I have to do

2 January

  • PIIT28 Day 1 done
  • Weight check, measurements, before pictures
  • Back to our normal (healthy) eating, but no meal plan

3 January

  • PIIT28 Day 2 done
  • Looked through the Instagram challenge pictures to see what to expect and if I can prepare anything in advance

4 January

  • PIIT28 Day3 done
  • Finally did the calories math to understand how much should I eat and exercise
  • Started logging in MyFitnessPal and using my watch for the workout

5 January

  • PIIT28 Day 4 done
  • Shopped for some ingredients from the meal plan and hopefully, I’ll cook during the weekend, so I can also do the meal plan starting with week 2

So far, I haven’t checked my weight at all, but I hope week 1 won’t be a complete disaster just because I didn’t count calories from the beginning. Workouts were done, and healthy food has been eaten, let’s hope it’s enough. More details about the workouts and weight check after week 1 resumes.

Wish me luck!

If you want to join me, you can purchase PIIT28* here.

Update: I finished the programme, you can read the review here.

*These are affiliate links. I have purchased the plan myself, but I will receive a small commission if you buy them too.


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