Declutter bedding and towels. How many do we really need?

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We took the next step into minimalism, and this time we decluttered our bedding sets and towels. They were spread around two closets and a few other drawers, so we made everything fit into two drawers and one additional space for guests in the guest bedroom.

A guide to declutter bedding and towels. How to decide what to keep and what to do with the rest

Declutter bedding and towels. How many do you need?

If you read the previous post, for the clothes declutter we made three piles and sorted everything into Stays, Maybe and Goes. Then had another think for Maybe and split everything into the two other piles. For the bedding and towels task, we chose a different approach.

We gathered everything in a single place and left them there for a while. Then, during a walk with the Beagles, before having any idea of how many things we actually have, we talked to decide how many does it make sense to have. Seriously, in a house with two people and the occasional guest, how many bed sets do you need? How many towels do you need? Not want, need.

We decided that the magic number for us is 3. It does sound like a magic number, doesn’t it? So three bedding sets (meaning sheet, cover, two pillowcases), three big towels, three small towels and just two smaller ones.

Everything fits in 2 drawers. AMAZING

How to choose what to keep

We had to pick three items from each category.

For the big towels, it was very easy because we only had 4. We removed the oldest one.

For the bedding, we kept the two sets that we got as wedding gifts (that also means that they’re the newest ones) and another one that we like because it gives us a nice feeling of calm and quiet. We removed everything that wasn’t in a set, a white set that wasn’t that white anymore and our oldest set that had very dark colours.

For the regular size towels, although we had many of them, it wasn’t hard to choose. When it comes to towels, the most important thing is for them to be efficient. You know those fluffy ones? They’re so cute and fluffy, but they are so inefficient. And seriously now, I don’t think we should be emotionally attached to towels. They’re towels.

We also kept two smaller size towels because they are handy when going to a gym or a swimming pool that doesn’t offer a towel service. And being so small it’s easy to fit them in the bag.

We gave away a couple of pillows too.

the items we kept after we finished the declutter of bedding and towelsThis is everything we kept. So easy.

What to do with the towels and bedding you want to give away

The best way to get rid of bedding and towels is to donate them to an animal shelter. They use them to give some comfort to the animals during colder months. You are really helping them. So search for a local animal shelter, give them a call and they will probably accept what you have to offer.

UPDATE: My choice was Dogs Trust, I made a trip to a charity shop with all sorts of things and asked them to deliver the shelter bag. I got an email saying that a new charity shop is opening and they need anything we can give. So I got myself and all my boxes and bags into a taxi and delivered the goodies. 

Update to the update: the charity shop emailed me to say thank you and let me know that they sold all my donations and made £120. I’m thrilled I was able to help.

one of the loads we donated to charityTwo boxes, four bags and a big stuffed animal 🙂

Let us know if you found this post useful and if you decided to review your collection of towels :). How many do you think you need?

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