Fighting excuses for not exercising

Since I started exercising, I’ve had many conversations with many people about this matter. Some were saying they couldn’t do what I do, some saying they should be exercising more but for all different reasons they don’t. I rarely found someone on the same page as me. I probably heard all possible causes for not working out, from serious ones to plain excuses.

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If it's important to you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse. The most common excuses for not exercising and how to fight them.

7 Most common excuses

1. I don’t have time to workout

“I don’t have time”, the mother of all excuses. We use it for *everything* – for not cleaning, not reading, not cooking, not exercising and the list is limitless. First of all, we don’t “have” time, we can’t own time. If you know a bank or a supermarket where they sell it, please let me know, I would love a few more hours every day. But there is no such thing, we all have 24 hours to spend a day, each day.

Life is all about priorities; we make time for what’s most important to us at that moment. And if your health and wellbeing are on your list of priorities, making time for exercising should be possible. You did have time to go out on Friday night, right?

People with family commitments (“gotta take the kids to school”, “I have to make dinner for four people”, etc.) – I do understand you. Try to involve your family in your workouts or find a sport that both you and your kids enjoy. If there’s 2 of you, ask your partner to help with the kids (or a friend, or a helping Mum). Some gyms even have “daycare”; you can leave your kids supervised while you go have a sweat. It can be done. Here’s a blog post that we wrote about involving children in your fitness activities.

Maia channelling her inner yogi

2. Money issues

“I can’t pay for a gym membership.”

“Can’t afford to buy workout clothes.”

“I can’t buy equipment.”

This is a bad excuse because fitness is now more accessible than ever. You can do bodyweight exercises from the comfort of your living room watching Youtube workouts. And if you’re reading this, it means you have an internet connection, so busteeeed!

The internet is full of free workout videos (and free apps for your phone) that you can do at home. We have free gyms in the parks, and if you look well enough, you’ll find free classes that you can go to. If running is your thing, you will never have to step foot in a gym; the road is your gym. All you’ll need is a pair of good shoes and some clothes. If you take advantage of sales and discount websites, your investment will be minimum. My first complete running gear was less than 20 pounds and lasted for years. I still have my first t-shirt.

I have a full blog post on ways to keep fit on a budget here.

Don’t forget that parkrun is also free! Every Saturday, at 9 am, in your local park

3. I don’t like to…


“…lift weights”


Surely there’s *something* that you may find enjoyable. Yoga? Tennis? Cycling? Pilates? Climbing? Boxing? Swimming? There’s gotta be something. And you say you don’t like running. But have you tried it? Exercise has many forms, be open to ideas and opportunities, and you’ll find an activity to stick to. Some gyms have day passes that you can get, one day when you can try everything – equipment, classes. So if you don’t know how to start, this might be the solution.

For example, I don’t like cycling, but I enjoy Yoga (and I get to take beautiful pictures in beautiful places), running, gym sessions and the occasional boxing class

4. I don’t have enough energy

In this case, you may have a problem. Maybe you’re not eating right or sleeping enough. Anyway, exercise will help you so you cannot use this as an excuse. Exercise releases endorphins, so you’ll feel happier and more energized. Or do you think I have a special power or I’m the Duracell bunny? Nope, not it.

5. I’m too lazy

Honestly. We all are. Sometimes I wish I could spend the entire day on the sofa, watching TV. Fortunately, the Beagles have their own schedule and take me out for walks at least two times a day, even if it’s cold or raining. Of course, I get rest days, and I enjoy them because I deserve them. Without rest days we couldn’t even benefit from all the hard work we put in the gym, our muscles need to recover to get stronger. Work hard, play hard.

6. Gym shyness

If you’re not going to the gym because you have no idea what you’re doing, get a few lessons with a personal trainer. If you can’t, get a knowledgeable friend along and ask them to teach you a few things. And if this is about lack of confidence, you can be pretty sure that no one cares about you in the gym, it’s all in your mind. Not only that, but you might even get their admiration. Especially if you go the second time too. I wrote a full blog post on this topic here.

7. Injuries

“My back hurts.”

“I have knee problems.”

Do ask your doctor first, but for any problem, you can find exercise variations that will not use that body part. Also, remember that weights training is excellent for making your bones and joints stronger, so if your knees hurt, exercise might help you. Something might also hurt because you’re not warming up the proper muscles, here’s a post of our own experience. Again, do talk to your GP first.

Anything that I haven’t mentioned yet? Do you agree with me? Which of them do you use the most?


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      Thanks for having a read! I think you can always find creative ways to exercise, but still be with your little one – do squats while carrying the baby, do a lunge every time you lean down to give them a kiss, silly stuff like that :). As long as we keep active, we don’t even have to call it “exercise”

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