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Registration for No Spend November is closed. Stay tuned for our next challenge. Want to start right away? Everything I teach in the challenge and much more is in my e-book, The Smart Girl’s Journey to Financial Bliss

Alin and I started budgeting and taking our finances seriously about 5 years ago. I can’t claim that I know everything there is to know on the topic, but I got pretty damn good at it. We have no debt and we’re able to have some luxurious experiences once in a while because we still live well below our means. We are currently on a journey to save £25k until March 2019 and even though September was difficult, we managed to stay on track and we achieved our saving goals in both August and September. The next 2 months should be chill, everything is settling and we have no events coming up. But then… there’s DECEMBER. With Christmas and New Year’s everyone goes nuts with gifts, outfits, food and alcohol.

But what if we can prepare for Spend-All-Your-Money-December and make it less painful (afterwards) by having a NoSpendNovember?

Intrigued? Read on.

In a nutshell, NoSpendNovember = don’t pay for anything unless it’s an emergency, you should already have everything you need because you planned it last month.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

A no spending month needs a lot of prep work, so the challenge will actually start on the 10th of October.

If, like us, you receive your paycheck on the 25th or around that date and you consider the month starts then, your November will also end of the 25th. It’s really up to you.

I will send an email every day (or every other day) with a task that you need to complete. Some tasks will be really simple, like “check how much toilet paper you have left”. Some will take a bit more work, like trying to remember if you have any event coming up or if it’s someone’s birthday :).

During November, I’ll continue to send updates, information and encouragement once or twice a week.

So what are the rules?

  • If you can get something for free, you can take it home / eat it / enjoy it;
  • A separate, cash budget will be available for weekly shops of fresh fruit and vegetables. You shouldn’t live without them and they can’t be bought in advance for the whole month;
  • Other than that, no shopping for food, clothes or entertainment. No Starbucks;
  • Your monthly payments – rent, utilities, subscriptions etc – are not considered spending;
  • All other necessary spending and emergencies should be covered by a small budget created in October;
  • If you make a mistake, forgive yourself and move on, don’t give up. That’s what’s going to make you a winner;
  • Yes, I know about Black Friday and Thanksgiving. We’ll sort it out 😉

What you’ll get from this course:

  • An organized way of planning a non spending month
  • Information and examples of budgeting for your household
  • Big savings
  • More time available for doing things that matter by avoiding decision making because you plan ahead
  • Less stress for the upcoming Christmas holidays
  • A challenge the whole family can take part in
  • Learn about creative ways to reuse, recycle or make your own instead of buying
  • Discover tools and websites that make personal finance easier
  • 1on1 advice on email anytime you need it

Who should take this course:

  • Anyone interested in saving money, reducing debt or just learning to plan their expenses
  • If you know nothing about budgeting and personal finance, it’s a great way to learn
  • If you’re already budgeting, this can be the difference between an OK month and a great one
  • More suitable for people who get paid just once a month, rather than twice a month. But you can split it in 2 mini challenges if needed

Is it free?

It’s free, however I do request that you give me feedback or a testimonial at the end of the challenge so I can make it better next time. You will be a Beta Tester, so you need to be committed to the course. You can email me anytime you have questions or suggestions about the content of the course. Not only I’ll reply, but I’ll be very grateful.

Are you ready for this?

*Registration closed*


Sign up for No Spend November! Learn about budgeting and personal finance and make big savings before the Christmas month.Sign up for No Spend November! Learn about budgeting and personal finance and make big savings before the Christmas month.


  1. I would love to be included, I just discovered this. Any chance that there will be another in say – January?

    1. Author

      We allowed registration for another 2 days after we started, but it is now closed. But stay tuned for January! <3

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