Online gyms and workout websites. What fitness bloggers recommend

When I’m working out at home and don’t have a routine in mind, or I’m just too lazy to think about what to do, I have a few websites where I can browse workouts to help me at least get started. So if you’re too lazy to go to the gym or if you just do workouts at home every once in a while, continue reading.

Online gyms and workout websites recommended by fitness bloggers. Fitness | Workout | Yoga | Gym


I found out about OnlineGym4me because they reached out to offer me a free six months trial. They have Yoga, Pilates, weight loss workouts, mobility workouts, live or recorded. I never tried a live class because the time when they happen is just not suitable for me. GIFT ALERT: If you want to try it out, sign up using this link and enjoy a free month trial. I tried quite a few classes and loved them all.


I found Yogaia by reading a review on a fitness blog. I went through the seven days trial and loved it, so purchased a full year membership. It’s all Yoga classes, both recorded and online. I tried them both, and the live classes are quite interesting. It’s your own choice if you want to start your camera, but if you do, the trainer can see you and correct you. All from the comfort of your own home. I like the fact that some classes are just 15-20 minutes, enough to at least get me started and warm me up before doing my own practice. I also tried guided meditation and loved it. They even have yoga classes for kids. It’s worth trying it out (unfortunately during the trial period the trainers can’t see you during live classes).


Finally a free one, right? I go to youtube when I have something specific in mind but don’t know exactly how to start. For example, practising backbends in yoga. I follow Kino Yoga and Beach Yoga Girl channels but do give me any ideas.


The platform is programme-based, so you can buy just a pack that you’re interested in. For example, I’m doing “The Balancing Act” to learn some new arm balancing poses.

What other bloggers recommend

I asked other fitness bloggers what websites they use for workouts, and here’s what they answered.

If you don’t need video assistance, PT Mollie has over 100 quickie workouts on her website. All you need is 15 minutes.

Lesli from fit & happy recommends Body Network, but if you would rather use your phone, Sworkit is an app that she tried and reviewed.

Ellen from A Tale of Two Runs shared her own Stability Ball Workout where you can find the links for another two workouts designed for runners.

Gareth from I’d Rather Be Out Running recommends 12minuteathlete and James Dunne‘s youtube channel which is full of videos to help you improve your running.

John from My Nomadic CrossFit Experiment recommends searching for the #flashwod hashtag on Twitter – perfect when you want to have a super quick challenge. Here’s an example below.

Ok, so I have a few websites to try out, wanna join me? Take advantage of the free youtube videos and the free trial of the websites (and my one free month gift from OnlineGym4me!) and let me know which one you liked. And of course, if you want to recommend any other or you’ve written a review, leave it in the comments box.


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