February, yes, that’s right. It seems like yesterday we were attending Christmas parties and now we’re already planning Valentine’s Day (well, at least some people). With PIIT28 done and dusted, it’s time for the new month and having the North London Half marathon just around the corner (March 12), I need to focus more on running. I got a great opportunity to join Julie in her “Scream if you want to run faster” programme. It’s a 5k improvement plan and for the next 8 weeks I’m going to try to smash my 5k personal best. The techniques we’re going to use are mostly the onesRead More →

Oh wow, I finished PIIT28! 28 days of workouts and good food and it’s safe to say that my Christmas belly is long gone. At the beginning of January, I posted my monthly plan and mentioned PIIT28 and DietBet, and I also posted a weekly recap to keep me accountable. Go to Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 to see some of my favourite (or least favourite) exercises and the foods that helped me get to this day. It’s now time for a final recap and the dreaded weigh-in. What is PIIT28*? PIIT is Pilates Intense Interval Training, and 28 is the number of minutesRead More →

For us, January came with a lot more on our plates that we expected. An incident at the park left us with a suffering injured dog (and countless vet visits), I had to train for the badass cross-country race at the end of January and Andreea started a diet bet and a new job. We knew that stress and lack of sleep are the proper ingredients for overeating, getting out of shape, and feeling miserable, so we decided we’re going to optimize our spare time and not fall into that trap. Adapting training plans when life gets too busy Not everyone has a coach toRead More →

After the Oreo weekend, I didn’t panic, but I knew I have to get back on track. On Tuesday I was at 54.9kg and my goal weight to win DietBet is 54.4kg. I also wanted to make this weight loss more sustainable, have peanut butter or nuts if I want to, eat dry fruit if I’m in the mood for some, not be afraid of certain foods. Because let’s face it, if I win my DietBet by eating only low-calorie foods, after I’m done with it I’m going to put the weight back on. And OMG, it worked! 54.2kg on Sunday morning by being moreRead More →

Welcome to Vegan Friday Faves, a new series on the blog. Every other Friday, I’m going to post a new set of 5 different things: one food, one snack or sweet, one beauty product, one cleaning product and one source of information. If you’re vegan or you want to explore the vegan life every once in a while, this might be useful for you. And when it comes to beauty or cleaning products, why buy non-vegan or tested on animals when you can choose a better, cruelty-free option? So here is Set no 1. We also added Episode 2, 3 and 4. Food – LindaRead More →

Week 2 was perfect, and I was hitting all my numbers in myfitnesspal every day to reduce the effects of the weekend to come. We had a house guest, so I knew I’m going to eat heavier meals. Just to have an idea of where I’m standing, I weighed myself on Friday morning. 54.1kg, better than my DietBet goal weight. Wow, all my efforts have paid off! On Sunday morning, after our guest left, I weighed myself again. 55.5kg. What a massive difference after just three meals. And I said bye-bye to my goal weight (for now). I immediately went back to my light meals,Read More →

We’ve lived in London for almost four years now; we’re past the classic visits to the Big Ben, Tower of London or Hyde Park. So every time we have a friend visiting we try to do things that are also new to us. In Alex’s case, I wanted to do something involving sports, him being a fitness enthusiast as well. And I can say he’s even more hardcore than us, having already done a few triathlons and we’re far, far away from that. He stayed with us from Friday evening to Sunday morning, so we had one full day. Things to do if you haveRead More →

For both Alin and I, the last health check happened four years ago, before moving to London. In Romania you get a mandatory blood test every year, ordered by your employer, so we got to check ourselves regularly. Since this is not the case in the UK and we didn’t have any other issues except for a cold, we haven’t set foot in a consultation room since 2013. After losing weight and recently becoming vegan, we were very curious about a few things – cholesterol, any vitamin deficiency (especially B12), VO2max, male/female specific cancer tests and body fat percentage. For our current lifestyle, these resultsRead More →

I joined DietBet and started the PIIT28* programme Monday, 2nd of January. I’ve explained in my previous blog post what each of them is. A week has passed, and I got up on the scale feeling nervous but hopeful. According to my math, I should have lost 570g. I was pleasantly surprised to see -2.1 kg on the scale. 2.1kg!!! That’s very close to my goal weight, the -2.3 that I need to have at the end of January to win the DietBet game. Amazing result for week 1. Now let’s try to improve on this! I still have my Christmassy nails 😛 The PIIT28*Read More →

The WHY For the past year, my weight has been shifting from 55 to 57kg and back, but my goal weight is 54. I’ve never been able to get lower than 54.9. With the Christmas foods and a bit of stress from having a sick dog, 2016 left me at 56.7. So I needed a kick, motivation, something to push me to finally get to that target of mine. PIIT28 I’ve been doing Pilates for a while and following some of Cassey’s (Blogilates) workouts since I became a Pop Pilates instructor. The PIIT28* programme seemed like a good fit for me, so during the ChristmasRead More →