Our first toe dip in the raw world was a promising success. We know that the best amount of nutrients are preserved with minimum to none heating, so we believe in the raw concept, although far from religiously. But raw protein rich foods were something we wanted to try for a long time. So here’s the story of our first try. We used the food processor for this task, we can only guess that you can also use the blender. And that’s pretty much the only utensil you need. Ingredients we have popped in the processor: nuts mix (brazil, cashew, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans) –Read More →

If you have an Instagram account and practice yoga, you’re probably one of Kerri’s 1m followers. She comes to London every year for 3 days of workshops and I was lucky enough to get tickets before they were sold out. Here’s some of the things I took away after 9 full hours of yoga wisdom. Day 1 – Strength and Flexibility Your diet influences how flexible you are. For this reason, Kerri has recently become a vegan (and if you’re not a vegan, do know that dairy is a no-no for flexibility). Being a vegan myself, I’m glad that my decision will also have aRead More →

We’re very excited to tell you that Wren Kitchens reached out to us to take part in the #LittleKitchen campaign. The campaign is all about getting children involved in the kitchen – cooking and eating nutritious, wholesome meals and having fun doing so. This was right down our alley. In a time when fast food consumption is dangerously high, teaching children where food comes from and how easy it is to eat healthy is a simple way to make things better. Update: This recipe made it into the #littleKitchen e-book! Whoop whoop! You can read about the campaign and download the e-book here. We’re crazyRead More →

I knew I wanted to be a running coach of some sort at some point. I also knew that England Athletics provided some courses around the coaching subject. However, my procrastinating conscience left the idea in the queue to be picked up later. Hey, don’t give me that look, the procrastinator in me is very good at managing that queue! Like everyone else’s :)… And then, I met some wonderful people at the UK Fitness Bloggers Virtual 5k in-person run. All nice people, including Mr. Michael Brown, a.k.a. @CoachMikeyBee. Meeting him had a big impact on me and was a huge motivator. We talked quiteRead More →

We all know what’s wrong with Personal Training, right? It’s bloody expensive for some of us. And also, we know what we don’t like about group classes when we have specific goals – in a big class, if you don’t know what you’re doing, no one will help, no one will see you. And someone found the solution to this? YES. “Getting fit doesn’t have to break the bank. FitMiBODY believes in making things accessible and ensures it can be seen in everything they do.” But first, let me give you a bit of background. At the beginning of 2015, my new year resolution wasRead More →

We know that being healthy is more than exercising 3-4 times a week and being careful about not eating too much sugar. It’s also the little things that you do every day. We made a list of *our* little things. If you have any other ideas or tips, please, let’s make the list bigger. Physical Health Use natural products. From your toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel to beauty products. The industry has evolved enough for us to get what we need without the added chemicals. The brands that we’re using all the time are Jason, AloeDent (which is a fluoride-free toothpaste), Lush (I can’t think aboutRead More →

We just did and never looked back :). That’s the short version. Truth is that it was a good combination of lucky shots later proved as very good tricks, plus a really good dose of willpower. We still consider it one of the best things we’ve ever done for ourselves and we hope quitting at that moment in life was enough to stop any long term damage to our bodies. First of all, we knew the moment will come months before. We planned we’re not going to linger for too long into smoking so that we’re as clean as possible when a child would popRead More →

24 February. First of all, we got married. Twice. The civil ceremony happened in London, at the Enfield Council on the 24th of February (which for us in Romania is like a Valentine’s Day). It was simple and nice and ended with 6 people having dinner at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. We were just one month in the weight loss program, so still a bit chubby. 10 May. The big fancy wedding happened a few months later in Bucharest, Romania. We celebrated together with all our friends and families in a wonderful location. Ceremony was outside, as I always wanted. And my bridesmaids wereRead More →

A few weeks ago, we registered for a winter virtual 5k because we couldn’t join any local Christmas themed races. What is a virtual 5k? It’s a race that you can run anytime, anywhere, and you get the medal by post. We joined the one from The Journey To Skinny, called Winter Wonderland. The medals were delivered so we started planning. Where to run? When? The only request from the organizer was to run between the 20th and 30th of December. On the 22nd the Beagles were with some friends, so we decided to make a day out of this event. We had 2 moreRead More →

You woke up one morning and decided to change your lifestyle! Good for you! You’re gonna get healthier, stronger, fitter. Excellent. Everything will take a turn for the better. And you have our support!!! Unfortunately, before it gets better, it gets a little bit worse. Whaaat? But you have to understand it’s normal, it’s just a phase you have to go through and you must not let it discourage you. 1. You will catch a cold. A bad one. I saw this happening to many people, including me. And it absolutely bums you out. You’re trying to get healthier but you get sicker? Yes :(.Read More →