The WHY For the past year, my weight has been shifting from 55 to 57kg and back, but my goal weight is 54. I’ve never been able to get lower than 54.9. With the Christmas foods and a bit of stress from having a sick dog, 2016 left me at 56.7. So I needed a kick, motivation, something to push me to finally get to that target of mine. PIIT28 I’ve been doing Pilates for a while and following some of Cassey’s (Blogilates) workouts since I became a Pop Pilates instructor. The PIIT28* programme seemed like a good fit for me, so during the ChristmasRead More →

Active people tend to think of injuries after they happened or after the point when they become painful or uncomfortable. Because of some medication for alleviating pain is available over the counter, we can forget about an injury for shorter or longer periods of time. Most of these medicines also act as anti-inflammatories, so they heal. It’s natural to forget about physical issues once we “treat” them. We are in fact only treating the effect and not think about the cause. The lazy glute Andreea had a 6 months long knee pain, and she delayed seeing a physiotherapist as much as she could because sheRead More →

Due to their popularity, road races might put you in danger of limiting your running surfaces spectrum. However, many professional long distance runners launch their careers not on the tarmac or the track, but on the grass and mud. And whenever you put grass, mud and running together, you’re talking about cross-country, often abbreviated as XC. Paula Radcliffe‘s first gold medal was as a junior at the World Cross Country Championships in Boston 1992. Mo Farah‘s first junior race was English schools cross-country when he finished ninth. Derek and Callum Hawkins, Andrew Butchard, they all started competing in cross country races. The point is thatRead More →

Wow, this went by fast! Everywhere in the world, 2016 was a year to remember. Some things were awesome (the Rio Olympics), some things not that awesome (Brexit, the US presidential election and a few horrible events). For us? A lot of firsts and a lot of lifestyle changes. The first half of the year was definitely dominated by running, whereas the second half was dedicated to minimizing everything. So far, we have nothing planned for 2017, so looking forward to seeing what the year will bring. Goodbye, 2016! Races 1. 1st of January – Family Parkrun We don’t care about New Year’s, so weRead More →

We started our minimalism journey this summer. You can read a few previous blog posts to see how we decluttered: Becoming minimalists. 7 reasons why you should do it too Decluttering clothes Declutter phase – Bedding Declutter phase – Books & DVDs The true cost of your unwanted things Decluttering done – what’s next? Ditch the disposables. How much I saved in a year But what’s been happening since then? This is a continuous learning journey – we keep experimenting, acquiring new habits and adapting them to our own lifestyle. No one way will work for everyone. Minimalist habits to try out 1. Selling stuffRead More →

As a typical recreational runner, you get into some big races, have some results, and you’re satisfied by the medal count. And then one day you get up and tell yourself: I want to do better. However, to do better, you need a reference. Can you compare your 22 minutes for last weekend’s parkrun with the 4h30 marathon you just did? And that’s where the running scores come into place. Age grading It’s a percentage of your time compared to the world record for the age category you’re in and for the same distance you’ve run. It is obtained by dividing the world record timeRead More →

A couple of weeks ago we crossed the Finish Line of our first Obstacle Run – Rough Runner in Clapham Common, South London. We chose the 5k distance which had ten obstacles – the other option was 10k with 15 obstacles, but considering this was the first time, we decided to start small. Alin crossing the finish line. Intense ๐Ÿ™‚ We loved the fact that all obstacles were safe – no electric shocks, no ice buckets, just a pure strength and endurance test. We had to jump over hurdles, climb walls, get through 2 rows of tyres (felt a bit claustrophobic there), avoid things thatRead More →

This post is about what rules I’ve followed to improve my running speed and strength. I don’t possess the universal answer on how to make everyone run faster, although I am naive enough to think that if everyone would follow these rules and not just a plan downloaded from the Internet, they would become a lot faster. It’s not a sub 3h marathon guide, but it might pave your way there. My PBs timeline Even though I was running quite regularly, I had my first parkrun timed at 27 minutes during July 2014, just over two years now. One year ago, my parkrun improved toRead More →

One short year ago we were watching the Great North Run on BBC. And it looked so much fun – the atmosphere, the weather, the happy runners. We immediately did some research and registered interest for the 2016 run. A few months later, we were both lucky enough to win ballot places. At the moment of registration, we hadn’t done any half marathon. When we got there, we already had two halfs and a full marathon in the bag. Such a difference a few months make!? Although the running part was well taken care of, having trained all year, Newcastle is far far away soRead More →

One of the best options for anyone to improve their running and social circle is to join a running club. But there are several options to consider when entering one, depending on your purposes. Benefits of non-affiliated clubs Firstly, there are two types of running clubs. On one side you have clubs that are affiliated with UK Athletics (actually, they are affiliated with the constituent country governing body, for example, England Athletics). On the other side, you have clubs that are run by sports shops or brands. These are non-affiliated. 1. Networking Let’s talk about the non-affiliated clubs. You get the social component – bothRead More →