You can run and run and run, but if you’re not pushing yourself, you’ll hit the plateau. You might think you don’t need performance, you’re happy with where you are, but it comes a time in anyone’s life when you just want to be better. Or you want to maintain being at the top. This is where workouts come in place. I’m sure it’s not just me who has a love/hate relationship with high-intensity workouts. Because you need to push and then push even harder, sometimes to the maximum and some other times you need to do it for longer and even repeat it. ItRead More →

After conquering the 26.2 miles distance, we started to look back at how we trained, how we prepared for the big day – 1 week or 1 day before, what we learned during the race and how we recovered. Some things worked, some things didn’t, we discovered new brands, we got all sorts of ideas from other runners, and we need to write them down before we forget :). The London Marathon training We got a place in the London Marathon 10 weeks before the event. There’s no such thing as a 10week marathon training plan, the time is too short. So our motto was:Read More →

We dreamed about it for years and trained for it for months. We trusted the training, the nutrition and  we enjoyed the last week before the marathon with good food and good fun. The family was here for a nice vacation to take our minds off the great challenge to come. We will probably post more about the marathon – how we trained for it, how we recovered, things to do or not to do. But let’s start with the marathon story. We dreamed about it for years and trained for it for months. We trusted the training, the nutrition and  we enjoyed the lastRead More →

In running you learn a lot as you go, but I couldn’t find these things mentioned too often, although they’re important to any runner for short and long-term health, and more importantly for performance. Keeping a correct posture during your run will also have an impact on how you see the sport overall because the tenser you are during your runs, the less probable it is that you’ll enjoy it to the maximum. Posture An important posture element is a straight back with just a slight lean forward. Keeping your back straight will prevent the centre of gravity from being somewhere in front of you. Otherwise, yourRead More →

We knew that drinks having ginger as their main ingredient are associated with good health, but we didn’t fancy ginger, in particular, so we never used it for anything else other than gingerbread cookies :). We are pretty conservative with foods. Not that we don’t try new ones, but strong spices must be analyzed in detail before liking or hating them, regardless of their health benefits. Eating a vegan diet made us more open to trying new foods, but in general, we remain sceptical by default. Ginger shot experience no. 1 Before one of the classes at the FitMiBODY studio, Andreea was offered a ginger shotRead More →

We thought that just training for a race we never ran before would be too boring, so an additional challenge would spice things up. Andreea was a bit optimistic and she started the challenge in the “spring is just around the corner” spirit. Judging by those freezing nights and single figures daylight temperatures, I’d say a very shy spring arrived just a couple of days ago. A rather long corner. So, we committed to do the 30 days abs challenge together with the crowd from UkRunChat. I would split the challenge in 4 different stages: This is actually all right, we can do it (easyRead More →

Last Sunday we completed our first Half Marathon. Time results: Andreea – 2h 17min, Alin – 1h 35min. I honestly think these are great times and we will keep improving, so we might see Alin win one at some point :). What did we like, what we didn’t like? Good The course is beautiful You run the most part along the Thames in a lovely area of London. We decided to go for a walk sometime soon and explore more (yeah, more than 21k!?). The theme The medal is hilarious, and everything around the race theme was great – a dude dressed as Henry VIIIRead More →

1. There is no magic pill or tea. Weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. Yes, both are important and it’s you who has to put in the work. Sometimes I wish I could workout all day and just eat whatever I want, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like this. 2. The only diet that will work is the one you can keep forever. If you opt for short fixes (“lose 10 pounds in 1 week”), the results will also be short term. Think about it: if you only make some changes for a week, you will only see results for aRead More →

Our first toe-dip in the raw world was a promising success. We know that the best amount of nutrients are preserved with minimum to none heating, so we believe in the raw concept, although far from religiously. But raw protein-rich foods were something we wanted to try for a long time. So here’s the story of our first try. We used the food processor for this task; we can only guess that you can also use the blender. And that’s pretty much the only utensil you need. Ingredients we have popped in the processor: nuts mix (Brazil, cashew, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans) – 150g datesRead More →

If you have an Instagram account and practice yoga, you’re probably one of Kerri’s 1m followers. She comes to London every year for 3 days of workshops and I was lucky enough to get tickets before they were sold out. Here’s some of the things I took away after 9 full hours of yoga wisdom. Day 1 – Strength and Flexibility Your diet influences how flexible you are. For this reason, Kerri has recently become a vegan (and if you’re not a vegan, do know that dairy is a no-no for flexibility). Being a vegan myself, I’m glad that my decision will also have aRead More →