I learned about Fierce Grace and hot yoga from another blog, but although I was curious I was also afraid. For someone who doesn’t handle heat very well, exercising in a hot room sounds dangerous. And not only because my heart might explode, but the warm muscles might trick me into thinking I’m much more flexible than I am and end up breaking one because I stretched it too much. A few days ago I was walking the Beagles and passed by the Fierce Grace studio (the Old Street one). Something just clicked, so I decided to sign up for a class. For 17£ IRead More →

We’ve been decluttering and sharing our story for the past month. A month! That’s a lot of time spent cleaning. Now that we’re happier with the remaining possessions, what shall we do next? You might say “nothing”, but doing nothing will probably cause the clutter to come back. So we’ve come up with some ideas to keep things from piling up again and continue our journey to minimalism. One thing a day Meaning we’re going to get rid of 1 thing every day for the next year. When I told this to Alin, he freaked out, but after explaining that it’s in fact 1 itemRead More →

Last week I attended a lovely event by WeTrain. Who are they and what do they do? Based in South London, they have small group PT classes (max. 8 people) and they promote exercise as a social activity. Instead of going for a beer with your best friend, you might go for a HIIT session. And I think that’s a great idea. The classes are pay as you go, which is another plus, and all you have to do is get an account on the web or the phone app and you’re all set. The event happened in Brixton and was dedicated to London bloggers.Read More →

On your way to minimalism? You can read the previous posts about our journey at the links below: Why are we becoming minimalists and 7 reasons you should do it too How to declutter clothes Declutter Phase 2 – Bedding and towels Declutter Phase 3 – Books, DVDs & Magazines In this post, I talk about the less obvious costs of the items that occupy your home and constantly need your attention; or, even worse, that you forgot about in your garage and you spend time organizing once in a while. Five costs that you might not consider when purchasing a new item 1. MoneyRead More →

When I’m working out at home and don’t have a routine in mind, or I’m just too lazy to think about what to do, I have a few websites where I can browse workouts to help me at least get started. So if you’re too lazy to go to the gym or if you just do workouts at home every once in a while, continue reading. OnlineGym4me I found out about OnlineGym4me because they reached out to offer me a free six months trial. They have Yoga, Pilates, weight loss workouts, mobility workouts, live or recorded. I never tried a live class because the timeRead More →

We’re becoming minimalists. Here’s our journey so far Why are we becoming minimalists Declutter Phase 1 – Clothes Declutter Phase 2 – Bedding and towels After fixing our closets and towel drawers, we also took care of shoes and accessories and then started looking at books, DVDs, CDs and decorations. Compared to other stuff, they just sit there. They occupy space and nothing more. Books Books are a sensitive issue because since we were kids, we were taught to love and respect books. We don’t throw away books, and we shouldn’t lend them to friends because they might forget to give them back. We gathered them allRead More →

We’re becoming minimalists. Read the previous articles from the journey 7 Reasons to become minimalist and how to get started Declutter clothes. Tips and strategies We took the next step into minimalism, and this time we decluttered our bedding sets and towels. They were spread around two closets and a few other drawers, so we made everything fit into two drawers and one additional space for guests in the guest bedroom. Declutter bedding and towels. How many do you need? If you read the previous post, for the clothes declutter we made three piles and sorted everything into Stays, Maybe and Goes. Then had another think forRead More →

Clothes are the best way to start the decluttering process. They are easy to gather in one place, and they give you a great feeling of accomplishment once you’re done. We started the process open-minded and willing to let go. But before getting into details about how we got on, here are a few things to have in mind if you plan to do the same. Decluttering clothes. 11 tips to let go 1. Clothes don’t have feelings. They are just a piece of fabric used to cover yourself or make your private parts more comfortable. 2. People won’t notice that you only have fiveRead More →

I guess you’re familiar with the concept of minimalism because more and more people are changing their lives, overwhelmed by the number of things, bills and activities that fill their time and space. We want a simpler life, fewer worries and fewer things. I’ve been reading lots of blogs, and I was already convinced about the benefits of minimalism, but I knew I had to make some changes when I started to have to jump over things to reach my phone charger or pick up my jacket. If for any reason we would have to move house now, we would need at least a weekRead More →

We’ve been very quiet lately. Having the kid for a month took most of our free blogging time, but as you’ve seen, we still had fun and we did some cool sporty things together. Yoga, her first ever 5k and lots of walks with the Beagles. And let’s not forget about food. Even though we asked her many times if she would like some chicken or fish with her food, she said no. She loved our vegan lifestyle and the idea that no animal had suffered in any way really made her happy. Safe to say that she came with 1 piece of luggage andRead More →