When I’m working out at home and don’t have a routine in mind, or I’m just too lazy to think about what to do, I have a few websites where I can browse workouts to help me at least get started. So if you’re too lazy to go to the gym or if you just do workouts at home every once in a while, continue reading. OnlineGym4me I found out about OnlineGym4me because they reached out to offer me a free six months trial. They have Yoga, Pilates, weight loss workouts, mobility workouts, live or recorded. I never tried a live class because the timeRead More →

We’re becoming minimalists. Here’s our journey so far Why are we becoming minimalists Declutter Phase 1 – Clothes Declutter Phase 2 – Bedding and towels After fixing our closets and towel drawers, we also took care of shoes and accessories and then started looking at books, DVDs, CDs and decorations. Compared to other stuff, they just sit there. They occupy space and nothing more. Books Books are a sensitive issue because since we were kids, we were taught to love and respect books. We don’t throw away books, and we shouldn’t lend them to friends because they might forget to give them back. We gathered them allRead More →

We’re becoming minimalists. Read the previous articles from the journey 7 Reasons to become minimalist and how to get started Declutter clothes. Tips and strategies We took the next step into minimalism, and this time we decluttered our bedding sets and towels. They were spread around two closets and a few other drawers, so we made everything fit into two drawers and one additional space for guests in the guest bedroom. Declutter bedding and towels. How many do you need? If you read the previous post, for the clothes declutter we made three piles and sorted everything into Stays, Maybe and Goes. Then had another think forRead More →

Clothes are the best way to start the decluttering process. They are easy to gather in one place, and they give you a great feeling of accomplishment once you’re done. We started the process open-minded and willing to let go. But before getting into details about how we got on, here are a few things to have in mind if you plan to do the same. Decluttering clothes. 11 tips to let go 1. Clothes don’t have feelings. They are just a piece of fabric used to cover yourself or make your private parts more comfortable. 2. People won’t notice that you only have fiveRead More →

I guess you’re familiar with the concept of minimalism because more and more people are changing their lives, overwhelmed by the number of things, bills and activities that fill their time and space. We want a simpler life, fewer worries and fewer things. I’ve been reading lots of blogs, and I was already convinced about the benefits of minimalism, but I knew I had to make some changes when I started to have to jump over things to reach my phone charger or pick up my jacket. If for any reason we would have to move house now, we would need at least a weekRead More →

We’ve been very quiet lately. Having the kid for a month took most of our free blogging time, but as you’ve seen, we still had fun and we did some cool sporty things together. Yoga, her first ever 5k and lots of walks with the Beagles. And let’s not forget about food. Even though we asked her many times if she would like some chicken or fish with her food, she said no. She loved our vegan lifestyle and the idea that no animal had suffered in any way really made her happy. Safe to say that she came with 1 piece of luggage andRead More →

Disclaimer: I got the product for free to review, but all opinions are my own. Update March 2017: we reviewed this product in 2016, before becoming vegan, so we’re not sure if it is suitable for vegans When someone contacted me about “dr. do good” which is an in-shower body moisturizer, I was not really convinced, I know other brands have tried before and failed. After a quick look on the website I was quite impressed – natural ingredients, London company, good vibes – I asked if the product is tested on animals and it’s not, so I was more than happy to try itRead More →

Now that I got to know more and more runners, I noticed some of them being in a state where they either wish to improve their performance but hit the plateau or whenever they push themselves all sorts of cramps take over their race. The starting point I was a “5k in 30 minutes” type of runner. I was running twice a week during lunchtime at work, along with other runners in Chiswick, London. Even when I was topping up with more parkruns or other random runs, they were still not enough for my performance to improve. Whenever I was pushing, my legs were hurtingRead More →

If you’re anything like me, you won’t be in the mood to eat anything when you have a cold. Which is a big mistake because our bodies need help with fighting the terrible state they’re in. So if you can only eat or drink a bit, let that bit be these foods right here. Garlic Help fight bacteria with this small, but mighty food. All you need is 3-4 cloves of garlic. Mince them, add a few drops of olive oil, a pinch of salt and a bit of water. This will make a great dip or sauce for your food. And because you’re sick,Read More →

We’ve done it; we added one more medal to our collection. Our second half marathon, but this time in the city that we know best. We went back home hoping for PBs, time with the kid and a relaxing weekend. And this is exactly what we got. Half marathon running aside, we had a nice time. The flight We’re British Airways fans, so on Thursday the 12th of May, we were at Heathrow airport, terminal 5. We always fly to Bucharest from there, so we always eat at Giraffe restaurant before our flight. I’m a creature of habit; I like to do the same thingsRead More →