1. The hardest thing is to start (talking in petting voice) Are you a procrastinator just like me? Yes, you are. Yes, you are (petting voice ends). Then you know how hard it is to start something. You would rather clean your house instead of starting that task. Because let’s be honest, how can you do your job if the house is dirty? You plan, you prepare your desk and by the end of it the day is over and you haven’t done what you should have. Damn. Maybe tomorrow. Running is just the same. Or worse. You have something more important to do or yourRead More →

Probably many weren’t too attracted by chemistry lessons at school, but since what happens in our bodies continuously is pure chemistry, then some base knowledge should be required before reading articles about vitamins, antioxidants and free radicals While oxygen is a life sustaining chemical in general, it also causes oxidising of cells as a regular biochemical reaction (1-2% of the cells are damaged overall in the process). This oxidising is causing cell damage, which can trigger cancer and other degenerative diseases, but more importantly the damaged cells produce a waste formed of their freed molecules that have unpaired electrons. These molecules are called free radicalsRead More →

Going to various places around the world, made it clear to us that each region has a specific set of oils handier than others, so there aren’t really rules that apply everywhere. There’s definitely the economic point of view, some oils cost differently around different parts of the world. There is one thing we don’t do anymore and that is deep frying. This doesn’t mean you should’t do it at all, but try to minimise it to as less as possible. And by that I mean monthly. Or even less than that :). But, you see, if you do own an oil with a highRead More →