Week 1 of PIIT28 – Weigh-In

I joined DietBet and started the PIIT28* programme Monday, 2nd of January. I’ve explained in my previous blog post what each of them is. A week has passed, and I got up on the scale feeling nervous but hopeful. According to my math, I should have lost 570g. I was pleasantly surprised to see -2.1 kg on the scale. 2.1kg!!! That’s very close to my goal weight, the -2.3 that I need to have at the end of January to win the DietBet game.

Amazing result for week 1. Now let’s try to improve on this! I still have my Christmassy nails 😛

The PIIT28* workouts

I’ve followed the plan and did the corresponding workout each day. They were all different – core, legs, upper body, full body, cardio and butt. The 6th day of the week was a rest day.

The workouts are challenging and contain 7 moves (1 cardio, 1 pilates, 1 cardio, 1 pilates and so on) performed for 45 seconds each with 15 seconds break. The 7 moves are repeated 4 times for a total of 28 minutes of work. I also did a warm up and cool down each time (they are included in the PIIT28 pack), so I spent about 45 minutes each morning doing my workout. I have to mention that I woke up every day of the work week at 5am to have time for PIIT, shower, breakfast and a walk with the dogs before going to work.

The average calories expenditure each morning was 280 calories, but considering PIIT28* is both high intensity and strength training, my body was staying in calorie burning mode all day.

The first 3 days of the week were challenging for me because there was A LOT of planking and my wrists were feeling it.

I LOVED upper body day even if it’s my weak spot. One of my favourite exercises was the piked pushup (a pushup from a downward dog position).

What I hated most? Mountain climbers were present in 2 of the workouts, and if you do them correctly for 45 seconds, you’re going to feel it – in your shoulders, in your abs, in your legs. It’s a killer move.

How to do a piked pushup. Shoulder work without dumbbells – loved it

Parkrun on Saturday

Saturday was rest day according to the PIIT28 schedule, but Yoko the Beagle really needed a good run, so we went to the parkrun together. The parkrun + the way there and back got me rid of another 530 calories, so thank you, Yoko!

Good food

Weight loss is 20% fitness and 80% what you’re eating, never forget that.

Breakfast during the week was always porridge with frozen berries, banana and seeds (flax, sesame, chia) – 347kcal. On Saturday Alin welcomed me from the parkrun with a stir fry (mushrooms, sprouts and tofu) and buckwheat noodles – 487 kcal. On Sunday we tried to make a vegan omelette from the PIIT28* meal plan to see if we like it and if we can make it during the week. The vegan omelette only has 250kcal, but adding a salad with tomatoes, lettuce and AVOCADO made our breakfast jump to 600kcal. But we deserve it! And we did like it.

I had prepped my work lunches from home. Two days it was wholemeal noodles with mushrooms and tofu – 500kcal and the other ones baked veggies (aubergines, mushrooms, red pepper) and half a vegan Linda McCartney burger – 335kcal. During the weekend we always eat breakfast late, actually brunch, so nothing to add here.

Dinner was always a big salad with cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, red onion, a tablespoon of olive oil and some vinegar. When I say a big salad, think 1kg of vegetables :). It’s filling, full of water, vitamins and fibre. The salad was sometimes accompanied by 3-4 slices of Tofurky, for a total of 418 kcal.

I also ate 1 fruit or 2 a day as a snack and sometimes a handful of nuts. Today (Sunday) I rewarded myself with some apples and peanut butter and split a sweet Coyo yoghurt with Alin.

The average was around 1300-1400 kcal every day. My body needs 1432 kcal just to function. So some calorie deficit from food and extra burning helped me get good results. Also, quitting the heavy carbs this week made me lose some water weight too.

We ended every day with a big pot of calming tea with lemon.


My PIIT morning workout made me drink half a litre of water by 6 am :). I continued my hydration with lots of water at work, fruit and vegetables and the evening tea.

Trying to move as much as possible

When I did the calorie math, I realised that I would need to move more than just 280kcal in the morning to make sure I’ll get results. I added a 40min walk with the Beagles every morning (and sometimes in the evening too), I walk or even run the 1km from the train station to my office and back, I take breaks from my desk every hour to go to the bathroom or fill my water glass and I walk up on the escalators at the train station. All these little things have kept me active all day, even though I have a desk job.

Planning next week

We took a look at the PIIT28 meal plan, chose a few recipes that we would like to try and went shopping. We’ll cook in advance so I can take homemade lunch with me at work and I’ll try to take a few pictures this time! I’ll keep doing my morning workouts and walks and do my best to get to my target!

Are you doing any fitness programme right now? Want to join me?

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