PIIT28 Week 2 and Weigh-In(s). And what a difference a day makes

Week 2 was perfect, and I was hitting all my numbers in myfitnesspal every day to reduce the effects of the weekend to come. We had a house guest, so I knew I’m going to eat heavier meals. Just to have an idea of where I’m standing, I weighed myself on Friday morning. 54.1kg, better than my DietBet goal weight. Wow, all my efforts have paid off!

On Sunday morning, after our guest left, I weighed myself again. 55.5kg. What a massive difference after just three meals. And I said bye-bye to my goal weight (for now). I immediately went back to my light meals, and I repeated the weigh in on Tuesday morning – 54.9kg. Ok, so there was some water retention and some extra calories, but I’m moving in the right direction again, but with a 0.5kg weight gain compared to last week. To win my DietBet, I have to be at 54.4kg at the end of the month.

It’s a good reminder that whatever workouts you’re doing, food is still the most important part of weight loss.

The PIIT28* workouts

The second week of waking up at 5 am was unsurprisingly harder than the first one, so I was looking forward to rest day on Saturday (and I really enjoyed that!). Getting up was the hardest bit, but once I was in my workout clothes, everything went on smoothly.

What I’m loving about PIIT*:

  • During the first two weeks I only repeated one workout, everything else was new every time, and I love this. I do have a few workout DVDs with just 2 or 3 workouts that you have to do over and over again, and it gets boring really fast. But this is not the case with PIIT28.
  • The 7 minutes of every round go by quickly, so I don’t have too much time to complain.
  • I’m enjoying the butt workouts, especially because some exercises are one side only and I get to work on my imbalances.
  • Most workouts include core work, something that I’m very interested in.

What I’m struggling with:

  • I think my shoulders are falling off :). It’s a sign that I’m working hard, but shoulders are one of my weak spots.

The PIIT28* meal plan

Before the beginning of the week, Alin and I looked at the meal plan and selected a few foods that we wanted to try. Some of them were really good, and we’re going to keep making them. Note: I added my ingredients into myfitnesspal, and there were always differences between my number of calories and the ones in the meal plan, this is a good thing to remember if you’re going to get it.

Here are a few pictures with last week’s foods.

Chia pudding for breakfast. This is a keeper because it can be prepared the night before.

Vegan omelette (made of tofu) with salsa and avocado for either breakfast or lunch.We added the “omelette” to our permanent foods

Chickpeas salad for lunch

A huge salad for dinner. 450kcals of vitamins, fibre and water. Olive oil & vinegar as dressing

Of course, the weekend meals screwed me over, but honestly, I don’t regret them – a nice noodle stir fry on Friday evening, a full vegan English breakfast on Saturday morning and a Papa John’s pizza followed by a generous amount of Oreos for dinner. It’s nice to have a day like this every once in a while!

Vegan full English breakfast; Alex was very happy with our vegan food!

Hopefully, my weight will be back on track by the end of week 3, stay tuned for the next update. You can read last week’s update here.

Do you have goals for this month? Any challenges? Share in the comments.

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