PIIT28 Week 3 – Weigh-In

After the Oreo weekend, I didn’t panic, but I knew I have to get back on track. On Tuesday I was at 54.9kg and my goal weight to win DietBet is 54.4kg. I also wanted to make this weight loss more sustainable, have peanut butter or nuts if I want to, eat dry fruit if I’m in the mood for some, not be afraid of certain foods. Because let’s face it, if I win my DietBet by eating only low-calorie foods, after I’m done with it I’m going to put the weight back on. And OMG, it worked! 54.2kg on Sunday morning by being more relaxed in regards to food, but staying under 1700kcal every day. Let’s see exactly how the week went.

The PIIT28* Workouts

Week 3 and 4 are a repetition of week 1 and 2, so this week I started to do some workouts that I’ve already been through. And here’s what’s awesome: I see progression. The core workout didn’t leave me paralysed, my knee doesn’t hurt on leg or butt days anymore, and I can do quite a few pushups during upper body day. Another positive side effect is the fact that I can handle high intensity better. On Saturday, which is the PIIT rest day, I went to the parkrun. I started pretty slow, like I always do, but during the second lap, I realised that my body could go much faster. And I started to push. I didn’t get a PB because my first lap was too slow, but I got a pretty good time, and I saw an improvement. PIIT28* FTW!
An exercise that I’d like to share with you is the push up with side plank. You get shoulder, chest and ab work at the same time. One of my favourite moves this week, part of the upper body workout.

The PIIT28* Meal Plan

This week I tried a new approach, and this one worked best for me. I didn’t look at the specific week in the meal plan, but went through the entire pdf and chose what I’d like to make based on the ingredients I already have. I prepped food on Sunday for the next two days, I packed a simple lunch on Wed and prepped food again on Wed night for the next two days. A had a pretty big brunch on Saturday after the parkrun and a lentil soup with some couscous on Sat evening. Here are some of the foods I had this week.

Overnight Chia Pudding with vegan chocolate protein powder. From the PIIT28 meal plan. Definitely a keeper. 

Another easy breakfast from the meal plan. Quinoa pudding, which we made the night before and served the next morning with some warm oat milk, banana and plum jam.

A big surprise was the vegan “mac & cheese” quinoa from the meal plan. Cook quinoa as usual, make the sauce and combine. Good with any veggie on the side. Game changer

Another favourite of the week was the black bean & sweet potato patties. I ate them with cabbage salad on the side. I think I’m going to make them again this week. Also from the meal plan.

Soya yoghurt with fruit and seeds for my easy lunch when I didn’t have food prepared.

Next week is the final week, and all I have to do is maintain what I already have. I’m going to do my best, so wish me luck and see you next week for the final weigh-in. If you want to read the full story, here are the previous posts:
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Do you have any goals this month? Are you doing any workout programmes? Let me know in the comments section.

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