The 30 Days Plank Challenge – Review

We had this challenge on a wall in the living room for many months. We tried once in May, but we went on holiday and forgot about planking. Actually no, we didn’t forget, but it was our honeymoon! Why plank during our honeymoon? We tried again in August, but got bored. Having already set 3 challenges for us in October we said “what the hell, let’s add this one too”. Most of all, we wanted to get the paper off the wall, because it was mocking us… every time we were looking at it, it seemed like it was saying “haha, you never finished this”. Damn, let’s do this! Note: We only practiced the elbow plank, we excluded the side plank from the challenge – I consider there are other good exercises for your obliques without putting so much pressure on your shoulders.

And we did it. I even convinced some people at work to join me and I had the pleasure to be the office champion with 4:06min before the last day of the challenge. We kept scores on a white board and we were allowed to try to beat our time once a week. 2 weeks later, I’m still in first place :). As you can see in the picture, my hands (my entire body actually) were trembling when I proudly updated the board after the 4min plank. And because Alin can’t handle the fact that the wifey is stronger than him, he did 5min on that same day, just to shut me up.

What’s great about the plank challenge is that you get it out of your way quickly. Yeah, after crossing the 2:00min line everything gets harder, but it’s still doable. You suffer for a few minutes, but then it’s gone. I do feel my muscles (especially the abs) are better defined now, so I don’t regret doing the challenge.

A small note: we did crazy times just because we saw it as a competition, but there is no evidence that 5 min planks are more efficient than 2 min planks. For results, do 2-3 reps of 2min planks rather than one 5min plank.

We finished the challenge 2 weeks ago. So, before posting on the blog, we did a plank after a long rest period. Here’s Alin attempting to hold a plank for 6 minutes. Yes, 6. No fast forward, no tricks. Unfortunately Yoko has other plans. Can he do it?

Challenge Yourself!

How long can you hold a plank?

I would love to see someone defeating Alin! Haha.

How to do a plank? Keep elbows at 90 degrees, arms at 90 degrees with the rest of your straight body and tighten all your muscles – arms, abs, glutes and quads. And hold. Good luck!

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