#RunEveryDay October 2015 Challenge. The Review

We ran every day, for 31 days. At least a mile a day. Click To Tweet

Why?? We’re members of The Running Bug website, and they had a challenge, organized by running gear brand, Ronhill. By running 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 31 consecutive days in October, we entered prize draws. Of course, I forgot to log day 19, so I didn’t qualify for anything more than 15 days, but I did run every day. Update: We didn’t win anything.

How was it to run every day, for 31 days in a row? A few facts.

We ran more than we were supposed to.

Of course, you can’t run just one mile a day. This would mean planning routes and missing parkruns or adidas26rs club runs. So more than a mile a day and a 5k here and there.

Total mileage?

  • Andreea: 48.67 miles = 78km
  • Alin: 55.35 miles = 88km

If you don’t stretch, you’re gonna have a bad time

Stretch, stretch, stretch. Running every day is not easy on your legs, so you need to treat them right each time. Otherwise, oh, the soreness…

Short distances are great even for long distance runners

Because it was one mile or so, I could concentrate on speed, posture, technique and running uphill. I’m going to do a 5k soon, to see if I improved my PB.

So. Much. Laundry.

Running every day means you’ll change clothes at least once a day. And the running t-shirt will go in the laundry basket for sure. Don’t fool yourself, I know it’s just a mile, but you still stink.

“Every day” means you’ll commit to running on any weather

We ran on heavy rain, thick fog, cold mornings and even dark mornings on some days. There was no choice. We were set on completing the challenge, so running for us was just like eating – we had to do it.

Cold, rainy and dark morning in London. I was just returning home after my 15min run

I got so used to it, it became as natural as walking

To avoid changing clothes twice, I was doing my daily run on my way to the gym. And I loved it because it was taking me where I was supposed to be, but faster.

We missed rest days

There are days when your legs need a break. We couldn’t get one. There are days when you feel awful and tired, and the last thing you want to do is to get out and run. We still did it. We got pretty bored after the middle of the month, but we went on. For the last ten days, our legs felt very heavy, but we continued.

We got results

Alin got a new PB on every parkrun he did in October. So obviously #runeveryday was proper training.


1 mile guarantees you’ll be done in 20 minutes

Maybe making time during your day for a 5k or 10k is not that easy. But a mile? In some days, I fitted the run before breakfast, other days just before lunch, other days I ran to the gym. I tried to have as few days as possible when I had to run after work because I hate it, but there were still some.

The peak is around day 14, and it all goes downhill from there

The first 5-6 days were great because we were excited about the challenge, we love running after all. Next 5-6 days were great because our speed was improving. We reached a peak around mid-October, but from that moment on, we were getting more and more tired.

All in all, we did well. We didn’t like to run on someone else’s schedule, but that’s not always avoidable. I think we’re crazy enough to do it again if the occasion arises, but at least we know what to expect now.

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