Our running warm up. The exercises we use in training or before a race

Many runners know now that static stretches are not recommended during warm up. Then what do we do to prepare our muscles for a race or a training run? We used the following sequence many times and it had a positive impact on performance and how the body reacted to long distances. Here’s our running warm up, that we used even if we’re outside, next to the start line, in a hotel before a race or just preparing to leave our house for a training run.

Running warm up sequence

1. 3 Sun Salutations (if we’re inside or have a mat) – full body warm-up

  1. Inhale – arms up, palms together, core engaged
  2. Exhale – forward fold, palm down, bend knees if you need to
  3. Inhale – flat back
  4. Exhale – fold
  5. Inhale – Step back into plank
  6. Exhale – Knees down, elbows close to the body, lower down
  7. Inhale – Lift your chest using your back muscles and pulling the shoulders back and down
  8. Exhale – Downward facing dog
  9. Inhale – Step between your hands into a flat back
  10. Exhale – Fold
  11. Inhale – Come up

You can watch a Sun Salutations Tutorial here.

2. Hip circles – for our lazy glute muscles (these are harder to activate and need focused exercises)

You can do these by standing up if you’re outside and you’re not comfortable on your knees. Lift the leg laterally as high as you can and make circles forward for a minute and backward for a minute.

It will hurt, but stick with it, it’s worth it!

We learned the move from this Brutal Booty workout, try it out and let us know what you thought of it.

3. Squats – for glutes and quads

performing a squat

4. Mountain climbers – for core

You can replace these with inchworms that also work your hamstrings. Or do both :).

mountain climbers

5. Lunges or walking lunges depending on the space we have (for glutes, quads, hips)

performing a lunge

6. Going up and down the stairs, if we’re in a hotel or have access to a staircase (full legs)

running up the stairs

Now that you’re all warmed up, why not try a speed session? You can find here a couple of short but speedy runs I tried and modified for my level. And if you’re doing a long run, here’s what you can do to avoid boredom¬†or how to prepare for it.

How do you warm up for your runs?

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