The Smart Girl's Journey to Financial Bliss E-book

Make 2018 the year of financial freedom. Learn about budgeting and abundance from a recovering shopaholic who made it to the other side. 

  • Learn to budget and develop a healthy relationship with money
  • Save more and get rid of debt
  • Quiet the negative thoughts and replace them with motivating ones
  • Design the life you truly want and follow the plan to create it

It's not just money talk, it's wisdom you can apply in all areas of your life. 

I'll give you the plan, the mindset, the tools and all my tips so you can finally give your bank account a break.

What's Inside

The e-book contains everything you need to prepare and execute a savings plan. From setting goals and building budgets to cutting expenses and bringing more money in.

  • Short, but actionable
  • Optimized for beginners, plenty of wisdom for intermediates
  • Lots of UK specific examples, but perfect wherever you are in the world
  • Includes 4 worksheets and printables

Table of Contents



Learn about the author's journey and how to use the book. Andrea thinks of herself as a shopping addict in recovery. Read about her "relapses" and what finally worked. 

Get access to the private Facebook group that was setup to support you throughout the journey. 


The mindset

Learn how to train "Mr Chimp" to only feed you positive thoughts. No matter your goals, and it applies to everything in life, convincing the mind is half the battle.


The big picture

Explains how to plan your financial future using Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps. Then, we're zooming in and planning a no spending month to save enough for steps 1-3 or whatever saving goal you might have.  


Find your "Why"

Learn about tools and ideas on how to set goals and constantly feed your motivation. 


Building a budget

It's easy to ignore the problem if you don't see it, so let's have a look at your spending habits. We'll explore some tools you can use, from the basic pen and paper to pretty charts and dashboards. 


Cut, cut, cut

Your budget goes on a diet. But I promise it's a sustainable one. 


What to stop buying

How awesome would it be to be able to stop buying some things forever? We're talking about reusing and recycling and doing the math for the most common items we can drop from our shopping list. 


Meal planning

The best thing you can do in terms of food is meal plan and meal prep. This chapter gives an overview on how to do it for an entire month. 


Bring more money in

The author talks about some of her favourite ways to increase your income even if you're someone who works a full time job and has loads of responsibilities. No, filling in surveys is not on the list!



The task is simple - not spend money. But how can we stay on top of it?


Get inspired

Learn about a few resources and lifestyles that can inspire you. 


My best saving tips

How to save on groceries or transportation and a few rules to live by. 


Wrap it up!

Looking back on what we talked about, saying goodbye and... thank you! 


  • "Find your Why" worksheet
  • Budget printable
  • Meal plan template
  • Shopping list template

About the Author

Meet the mastermind behind "The Smart Girl's Journey to Financial Bliss".

Andrea Sandu

Andrea is a 29-year-old living in the UK. Being a part-time software engineer, part-time blogger at and recently certified Yoga teacher, her LinkedIn profile simply states “Unicorn”. Vegan since May 2016 and minimalist since August 2016, she’s now on a mission to save £25k by March 2019.

"Hi, there! I can't wait to guide you through this awesome adventure. I've put together my best tips, tried and used throughout the years for all sorts of different saving goals. Come say hello in the Facebook group, you can ask me and your peers for advice whenever you need it."

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