2 Simple Wholefoods Vegan Snacks To Keep Your Belly Full And Happy

two simple wholefoods vegan snacks

It’s almost the end of Veganuary, but many people will choose to stay vegan even after the month is over. And for that, I salute you! I already posted about some tips and advice for the transition here and today I’m going to share with you my two favourite wholefoods vegan snacks.

One is sweet, and one is savoury, so you can pick the one that satisfies your cravings best. And as a bonus, you’ll learn a new way to eat kale and not hate it.

2 Wholefoods vegan snacks that require little to no cooking

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1. Sweet option – Nuts and dates

We all enjoy nut bars every once in a while, right? If you read the ingredients, you’ll notice that those are just nuts and dates that went through a food processor. And then they were portioned, packaged and sold at unreasonable prices.

But here’s the surprise: you can make a nut bar IN YOUR MOUTH. Just buy your favourite nuts and dates separately and for the price of 3 shop bought bars, you can enjoy your favourite snack for an entire week. Or an hour if you’re me and the nuts are pecans. Oops. A handful of nuts and two dates is a reasonable portion. You don’t need a food processor, just mix it all while you’re chewing.

Nuts and Dates

2. Savoury option – Steamed broccoli with soya sauce

If you have a microwave, 2 minutes in there for the broccoli is enough. If you don’t, steam it as you would normally do. You want it lightly steamed, but still crunchy. Add a little pot of soya sauce on the side and dip the broccoli in it. I swear to you, broccoli never tasted as good!

This green veggie is low and calories (34 per 100g) and high in Vitamin C (107% RDI per 100g) and K (97% RDI per 100g). You can virtually eat until you feel full with no regrets.

Broccoli and soya sauce

Bonus: A taste combo we love right now: Kale and garlic

Yes, yes, we all eat kale by mixing it in our protein shakes. But if you add it to salads, you can easily eat the leaves as nature intended. We’ve been making kale only salads lately because we found a combination we love. Chopped kale, salt + vinegar + olive oil, and… crushed garlic. 3-4 cloves for a bag of leaves that will feed two people should be enough.

Damn, I made myself hungry. Before I go, I wrote about our goals of eating a 90% wholefoods vegan diet in this blog post. Check it out to see how we’re measuring this!

I’m looking forward to hearing your thought on this. What kind of snacks do you eat? Any other examples of wholefoods vegan snacks that I should try? And how do you eat broccoli or kale?

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