The annoying things that happen when you start working out. With gifs.

You woke up one morning and decided to change your lifestyle! Good for you! You’re gonna get healthier, stronger, fitter. Excellent. Everything will take a turn for the better. And you have our support!!!

Unfortunately, before it gets better, it gets a little bit worse. Whaaat? But you have to understand it’s normal, it’s just a phase you have to go through and you must not let it discourage you.

1. You will catch a cold. A bad one.

I saw this happening to many people, including me. And it absolutely bums you out. You’re trying to get healthier but you get sicker? Yes :(. It’s a normal reaction. The new exercise routine makes you weaker. All your energy goes into repairing your muscles after exercise, so there’s not much left to fight against viruses. The good news is, once you do get healthier, catching a cold will be very hard.

2. (Women only) That bad week of the month might disappear. Or never end.

Again, it’s a normal reaction, especially with weights training. Our bodies get into a “conservation mode”. Elite athletes don’t get their periods for years! But if you’re in doubt, do make sure you’re not pregnant, that might change your exercising plans.

3. Sweat rashes.

Argh, disgusting! Obviously, you’ll be sweating more and your skin is not ready for this. It’s gonna be itchy and uncomfortable and proper hygiene is not enough. Use some baby powder and power through it. It will go away by itself at some point.

4. Laundry

For the same reason, you either buy more clothes or do more laundry.

5. Soreness

I couldn’t walk properly for about 2 weeks after my first gym session. I was screaming in pain at every step. But that didn’t make me not go to the next session. And I’m still going almost one year later. The soreness is unavoidable at the beginning, but it gets much better in time. There are some ways to reduce it, but not avoid it completely. Also, remember, it’s called *Delayed Onset* Muscle Soreness for a reason – the greatest pain is experienced 24-48 hours after you exercise. But it’s a good type of pain, it means you worked hard enough.

6. You will be hungry and insufferable for a while

If you’re also dieting, you’ll feel you have less energy (probably as an effect of sugar withdrawal), so you won’t be a nice person for a while. That’s ok, we understand :).

7. The sadness of understanding food

You will start looking at food labels more and more. And you’ll understand that there’s fat and sugar in everything.

Anyone else experienced these? Any advice for newbies?


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