After setting our goals for 2018 and signing up for the Kauai Half Marathon and Marathon event, we started training. Both in the gym and on the road. Luckily at the beginning of the year, I was allowed to work from home for two weeks, so I was able to join Alin on 2 of his weekly running workouts: hills and running intervals. Here’s what we did and how we modified for my level. 1. Hills workout This is one of Alin’s favourite type of running workout, and he wrote a few times about the benefits. 1. Warm up with a few squats, lunges and hipRead More →

You finished your couch to 5k programme; you ran your first parkruns, maybe a 10k or a half marathon here and there, but you want to be faster. And of the handful of running workouts you can do to achieve that, there is one that’s at the core of speed improvement: intervals. The deal with intervals What is the role of the intervals? Let’s take a single mile as an example. You are currently running a mile in 8 minutes. You can split a single mile (~1.6km) in fairly even quarters of 400m each. When you run a whole mile, your split times for eachRead More →

Every October, the running community follows a trend called “run every day”. Back in 2015 when I started to run again after a few months of intense weight loss and fitness activities, I ran for a mile every day of October. Last year, 2016, I found myself in a much better position, so I did a little experiment called “run 10k every day“. People asked me about going from 1 mile to 10k in just a year and “why not just 5k?”. Well, 5k is a relatively short distance for me. Even when running below the lactating threshold, the time I spend for that 5kRead More →

8 weeks ago I started a programme called “Scream if you want to run faster” organized by Julie from “Too fat to run”. It was a 5k improvement plan and I tested my time with the Grovelands Parkrun in North London. This particular parkrun is pretty hard, very hilly and it has 3 laps, with an incline of 46m. My Personal Best was 28:53 which I got one week after the London Marathon in 2016. That means that I’d been training at that moment for about 4 months. No wonder I got a PB! However, time passed, my training months were long gone so IRead More →

Active people tend to think of injuries after they happened or after the point when they become painful or uncomfortable. Because of some medication for alleviating pain is available over the counter, we can forget about an injury for shorter or longer periods of time. Most of these medicines also act as anti-inflammatories, so they heal. It’s natural to forget about physical issues once we “treat” them. We are in fact only treating the effect and not think about the cause. The lazy glute Andreea had a 6 months long knee pain, and she delayed seeing a physiotherapist as much as she could because sheRead More →

This post is about what rules I’ve followed to improve my running speed and strength. I don’t possess the universal answer on how to make everyone run faster, although I am naive enough to think that if everyone would follow these rules and not just a plan downloaded from the Internet, they would become a lot faster. It’s not a sub 3h marathon guide, but it might pave your way there. My PBs timeline Even though I was running quite regularly, I had my first parkrun timed at 27 minutes during July 2014, just over two years now. One year ago, my parkrun improved toRead More →

Now that I got to know more and more runners, I noticed some of them being in a state where they either wish to improve their performance but hit the plateau or whenever they push themselves all sorts of cramps take over their race. The starting point I was a “5k in 30 minutes” type of runner. I was running twice a week during lunchtime at work, along with other runners in Chiswick, London. Even when I was topping up with more parkruns or other random runs, they were still not enough for my performance to improve. Whenever I was pushing, my legs were hurtingRead More →

You can run and run and run, but if you’re not pushing yourself, you’ll hit the plateau. You might think you don’t need performance, you’re happy with where you are, but it comes a time in anyone’s life when you just want to be better. Or you want to maintain being at the top. This is where workouts come in place. I’m sure it’s not just me who has a love/hate relationship with high-intensity workouts. Because you need to push and then push even harder, sometimes to the maximum and some other times you need to do it for longer and even repeat it. ItRead More →

In running you learn a lot as you go, but I couldn’t find these things mentioned too often, although they’re important to any runner for short and long-term health, and more importantly for performance. Keeping a correct posture during your run will also have an impact on how you see the sport overall because the tenser you are during your runs, the less probable it is that you’ll enjoy it to the maximum. Posture An important posture element is a straight back with just a slight lean forward. Keeping your back straight will prevent the centre of gravity from being somewhere in front of you. Otherwise, yourRead More →