Since we went vegan, going out to eat is not as straightforward as before. We either do some research beforehand and have a proper meal or go to the first restaurant we can find and have chips with some chips on the side (it doesn’t sound too bad, does it?!). We may also get lucky and find cafes with vegan food and desserts, especially the ones in Shoreditch or central London. And a piece of advice: unless the menu items are clearly marked as vegan, ask. I was surprised a few times by things that looked vegan but contained cheese. If you’re in the sameRead More →

We made it to the 4th blog post of the series! You can read the previous posts here: Episode 1, featuring vegan sausages, lentil chips and a vegan deodorant that works The Second episode, featuring a must try ice cream Episode 3, featuring a scrumptious chocolate and sweet perfume If you are a vegan brand and you have products that I can try, please contact me! Food – Fry’s Family Food Chicken-Style Nuggets These are seriously good. They look, smell and taste really nice. We love them as an occasional treat, and for 200kcal per 100g, there is nothing to regret about them. And forRead More →

A few weeks ago I received a trial pack of Omni Superfood to try out and review. I’m usually reluctant when it comes to products labeled “superfood”, but why not give it a go? The product has 2 versions, male and female, so of course I got the one designed for women. Why use supplements? You know we always promote a healthy diet, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds and healthy fats. And of course exercise, for both your body and your mind. But that doesn’t always happen as planned, we don’t eat enough of the good stuff, some minerals areRead More →

Welcome to Episode no 3. You can see the previous episodes here: Episode 1 and Episode 2. Enjoy! If you are a brand and you have products that I can try, please contact me! Food – Violife slices Many brands, including the supermarket ones, are making huge improvements when it comes to dairy-free cheese. I’m sure 2017 will be a great year for vegans, and I’m looking forward to trying new things. So far, our favourite cheese is Violife, original flavour. Sandwiches taste like the non-vegan ones, which is something very encouraging for people who are thinking about giving up animal products. Snack / DessertRead More →

Welcome to the second blog post of the series! You can have a look at Episode 1 here, episode 3 and 4. And this is what I have for you today. Enjoy! Food – Alpro Oat milk I picked the Oat milk for the title, but the truth is, we are big fans of Alpro overall. We use the Almond milk for our morning porridge and savoury recipes, we use the Soy yoghurt (either Almond or Vanilla flavour) as a snack with fruit and nuts, the desserts are fabulous, and the Oat milk is a nice drink whenever we’re travelling and a perfect companion forRead More →

Welcome to Vegan Friday Faves, a new series on the blog. Every other Friday, I’m going to post a new set of 5 different things: one food, one snack or sweet, one beauty product, one cleaning product and one source of information. If you’re vegan or you want to explore the vegan life every once in a while, this might be useful for you. And when it comes to beauty or cleaning products, why buy non-vegan or tested on animals when you can choose a better, cruelty-free option? So here is Set no 1. We also added Episode 2, 3 and 4. Food – LindaRead More →