Thriva Review. Track your health with a blood test home kit

thriva review home kit for blood test

Who’s had a busy life lately and started eating chaotically? Raises hand.

Who hasn’t had a health check in more than a year? Raises hand.

Who’s too busy to schedule a blood test? Raises hand.


Who’s done some healthy changes in their life and wants to check how the body responded to them? Lowers hand in shame.

If you raised your hand at any of the questions, read on, because I tested the Thriva blood test kit from the comfort of my own living room to check how my body’s doing after a few months of… dealing with life.

My last check was in November 2016 and it was a full health and fitness check at Bupa, reviewed here. However, this time I wanted something simpler, just enough to have a good idea of what’s going on inside – cholesterol, liver function, Iron level, diabetes risk and B12.

The Advanced test from Thriva has exactly what I wanted and it also offered something very valuable to me: time. I ordered the kit online, did the test at home and then sent it through the post to the lab. YES, this is 21st-century medicine! No appointments, no queues, and no awkward small talk.

!Heads up! There’s a tiny drop of blood in one of the pictures. If you’re sensitive, look away. 

How Thriva works

You select the type of test you want to do from the website – Essential, Baseline or Advanced. I opted for Advanced. Once you receive it in the mail, you’re good to go. It’s a small package, so it will fit through most mailboxes.

The home test

The pack comes with instructions, the collection tubes, lancets, plasters and everything you need to send the samples back.

thriva review pack content

1. Firstly, read the instructions! Like… all of them.

2. Then, get everything ready as per the instructions.

3. Soak your non-dominant hand in hot water for a few minutes (I gave it 3 minutes).

4. Then it’s time to do it: the prick! Press the lancet on the outside of your pinkie finger. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad, it’s much easier than you would expect.

thriva review finger prick

5. Clean the first drop and then get to work to fill those tubes (again, it sounds like a lot, but it isn’t). I wasted a few drops in the beginning and I had to pierce my finger a second time because the flow stopped at some point. So prepare everything in advance and be quick!

thriva review filling the tubes

6. Clean your finger and place a plaster on. And boom! The unpleasant part is over.

7. Place the caps on and invert the tubes without shaking. The instructions are very important here, I almost missed the fact that the purple one needs to be inverted very soon after you’re done. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST.

thriva review tubes filled

8. Fill in all the forms and get the envelope ready.

9. Post the envelope and then wait for the results.

The results

I posted the envelope on a Wednesday morning and had the results ready on the online dashboard Friday afternoon.

Quick summary:

  • 2 years vegan and I have good levels of B12!
  • My liver forgave me for having too many celebration drinks after I bought the boat – ALL GOOD.
  • But my total cholesterol was slightly upset by all the cake.
  • The UK weather had an impact on my vit D levels, so I need to supplement or move to Spain.
  • Not going to get diabetes anytime soon. Hopefully never.

All results are presented in a Dashboard view with recommendations if something is not green. Here’s my Lipid Profile, where the dr. quickly understood I ate too many biscuits. thriva review lipid profile

And if you want to know more about a specific test, you can click “View more details” for a different view. Here’s my B12 Detailed view. thriva review B12


The test took less than 15 minutes and it was very easy and convenient for me. I’ll keep my subscription active, at least for the next round to check everything again after I’ve implemented a few positive changes. If you want to give it a go, consider ordering it using my Refer a Friend link – you get 50% off and I get £10 off on my next order. You can cancel anytime.

Tell me, what kind of home tests have you done? I want to try more!

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