Cashback and rewards sites or apps you can use in the UK

It’s our second month of the saving £25k in 18 months journey. August went well, but it’s a constant effort. Every day we do some more research, we hunt offers and plan our spending carefully. We started using a few cashback apps and websites, and these are our favourites.


How it works: Before shopping online on your favourite retailers’ websites, you check Quidco to see if there are any offers available (e.g. 2% cashback). When you find something suitable for you, you proceed to the retailer’s website, but through Quidco so they can track your purchase. You do your shopping as usual, and Quidco will pay you back some time after the transaction is completed. Sign up using my referral link, and we’ll both get extra cashback after you make your first shop through Quidco. Available online and through a phone app.


When you shop online, just sign in to your TopCashback account and click through to the store you want to shop. By doing this, you will earn cashback on every purchase you make – whether you are booking a holiday, flights or train tickets, buying your groceries, taking out car insurance or choosing gifts for Christmas. You can sign up using my refer-a-friend link here. Available online and through a phone app.


How it works: before shopping online or in store, have a look at the app or website for offers. After you complete your shop, scan your receipt and upload it, selecting the item you want cashback for. Once the receipt is verified, you receive the amount in your CheckoutSmart balance and can withdraw either immediately with a fee or after you have more than £20 at no extra cost. Available online and through a phone app. Sign up here.

Cashback and rewards sites and apps you can use in the UK


You can use Zeek in 2 ways, both very useful. If you received a gift card that you don’t want, you can sell it and get money for it. And you can also buy gift cards that other people are selling for less than the card’s value, which essentially means cashback for you. Sign up using my referral link, and you’ll get £3 extra on your first purchase on the website. Available online and through a phone app.

Bonus: EarthMiles

Compared to the others, EarthMiles wants you to walk, run or cycle to get points. Once you get a certain amount of points, you can browse the app for rewards and pick something you have enough points for. They can be either discounts or freebies (discount on shoes, a free yoga class etc.). The app rewards you for being active. Sign up here.

What are your favourite cashback or rewards sites?

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