Favourite Vegan Products Series – Episode 1

Welcome to Vegan Friday Faves, a new series on the blog. Every other Friday, I’m going to post a new set of 5 different things: one food, one snack or sweet, one beauty product, one cleaning product and one source of information.
If you’re vegan or you want to explore the vegan life every once in a while, this might be useful for you. And when it comes to beauty or cleaning products, why buy non-vegan or tested on animals when you can choose a better, cruelty-free option?

So here is Set no 1. We also added Episode 2, 3 and 4.

Food – Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausages

Although marked as vegetarians, they are suitable for vegans and they are our favourite meat replacement product so far. They are tasty and juicy, and they smell and look incredible. We buy them from Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Ocado or Co-Op, but they are probably in more places. Give them a try next time you want your plate to look like the one of an omnivore.

Snack – Eat Real Lentil Chips

These have been my obsession since I discovered them. I can eat two bags in one sitting, no problem. They taste really nice, and they have less fat than the regular potato ones. They have a few flavours available, but like with most things, I prefer the simple, sea salt ones, in this way you’ll get their taste. Unfortunately, we can only find them in health stores and Holland and Barrett.

Beauty product – Superdrug deodorant

I was very surprised to find out that Superdrug is cruelty-free (their own brand products) and most of their products are vegan. It’s a good, cheap alternative to the brands you find in health stores that are usually pretty pricey. And I finally found a vegan deodorant that works for me.

Cleaning product – Method washing up liquid

My clothes didn’t agree with the laundry liquid from this brand, but washing the dishes will be done with Method from now on. All their products are vegan, bio, environmentally friendly, etc. Right now I’m also giving the toilet cleaner a try, and the bathroom cleaner is also performing well. I also like the fact that you can keep the bottle and buy a refill bag!

Source of information – veganuary.com

All the information to get you started and recipes for any taste. And if you’re also interested in knowing about animals and the planet, you can have a read on the website.

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