Favourite Vegan Products Series – Episode 2

Welcome to the second blog post of the series! You can have a look at Episode 1 here, episode 3 and 4. And this is what I have for you today. Enjoy!

Food – Alpro Oat milk

I picked the Oat milk for the title, but the truth is, we are big fans of Alpro overall. We use the Almond milk for our morning porridge and savoury recipes, we use the Soy yoghurt (either Almond or Vanilla flavour) as a snack with fruit and nuts, the desserts are fabulous, and the Oat milk is a nice drink whenever we’re travelling and a perfect companion for a vegan brownie.

Snack / Dessert – Swedish Glace ice cream, vanilla flavour

We only tried the vanilla flavour ice cream, but I doubt that the others are bad. We only buy it every once in a while because we eat the whole thing in one sitting. It’s delicious.

Beauty product – Aloe Dent Whitening or Sensitive Toothpaste

When we discovered it, we didn’t know it’s vegan. We started using it more than a year ago because it’s fluoride free. We were even happier to find out it’s vegan. We also tried the toothpaste from Green People but didn’t like the texture, so we’re back to Aloe Dent. As far as I know, the Triple Action toothpaste from Aloe Dent is not vegan.

Cleaning product – Co-op’s own brand washing powder

I already tried a few, and now I’m giving this one a chance. And it’s working well so far. It smells nice, but not too strong. I don’t have kids or hard stains, so I can’t guarantee anything. Price is good though. By the way, Co-op is very vegan-friendly. Most of their own brand products are vegan and cruelty-free, and some of their snacks (including doughnuts) are vegan. Consider Co-op for your next shopping day.

Source of information – Accidentally Vegan UK Instagram account

If you search “accidentally vegan” online, you’ll find many resources – websites, articles – with foods that we already use and love, but had no idea they’re vegan. We had a small party when we found out that Oreo is vegan haha. Have a look at the account that we’re following or find one that’s more useful for you.

Hope you enjoyed the post and see you in Episode 3 in 2 weeks! If you have any recommendations for vegan products, let us know in the comments!

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