Favourite Vegan Products Series – Episode 4

We made it to the 4th blog post of the series!

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If you are a vegan brand and you have products that I can try, please contact me!

Food – Fry’s Family Food Chicken-Style Nuggets

These are seriously good. They look, smell and taste really nice. We love them as an occasional treat, and for 200kcal per 100g, there is nothing to regret about them. And for 0.4g of sugar in an industry that considers 14g of sugar per cup of coffee as being normal, Fry’s Family Food deserves a trophy! Well done to them.

Snack – Eat Real Veggie Chips, Veggie Straws and Quinoa Puffs

In Episode 1 I mentioned the Eat Real Lentil Chips, but I had the pleasure to try some more Eat Real snacks since then. I was sent a few sample bags of Veggie Chips, Veggie Straws and Quinoa Puffs. Both Alin and I were excited to try the Quinoa Puffs, and we did like them, especially the jalapeno ones, but they were a bit too salty for our taste. But the real surprise was the Veggie Chips and Straws. A new addition to our favourite snacks list. Thank you Eat Real for the samples, we had an entire week of lovely snacks!

Beauty product – Jason Body Wash

Jason was one of the first cruelty-free brands we discovered, and we tried the soaps, the body wash and the sunscreen lotion. They smell wonderful, and they work. As per the information on their website, “Our Jason® products use 100% vegetarian ingredients. There are a select number of animal-derived ingredients that we use in our products. The sourcing of these ingredients is done in a harm-free, stress-free, cruelty-free manner that does not impact the health or welfare of the animals. Check the specific product label for the following ingredients to determine if they are appropriate for your lifestyle”. But they refer to beeswax in this paragraph, and it’s only found in some of the products. So check the ingredients, if there is no beeswax, you’re good.

Cleaning product – Method toilet cleaner

So far, this is the only vegan toilet cleaner I tried, but it didn’t disappoint. It’s for everyday use, rather than heavy duty, but for us, that works. Fresh smell and clean bowl, what more could I ask from it? I also mentioned the Method washing up liquid in Episode 1, which I’m still using. I bought a refill a few months ago, and it’s still going strong!

Source of information – So Vegan Facebook Page

So Vegan is a vegan food blog. I rarely go to the website, but the Facebook page has video recipes, that are always easy to watch and follow.

This is it! See you in 2 weeks with Episode 5! If you have products for us to try, drop us a message!

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