’Tis the season! Ways to give back (without donating money)

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This post is sponsored by adidas. Although they provided the topic, all my ideas are mine, as usual.

Are you one of those people who say, at least once a day in random conversations, “I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas”? Well, I am. Because I remember last year’s holidays like they happened yesterday.

A lot has changed since, but there’s one thing that doesn’t change as the years go by. Come the holidays, everyone has a burning desire to give back. We’re closer to our families, we give and receive gifts, and we want to make a difference in the lives of those that are less fortunate. However, remember that being a good human throughout the year gives you extra Karma points (and you feel less pressure when everyone asks for donations during the winter holidays).

So today’s post is about ways you can give back, and not just in December.

1. For Yoga Teachers – teach a charity class

You don’t always have to donate money or clothes, your time counts too, and people will appreciate it even more. Teaching Yoga is a labour of love and taking an hour of your day to be there for free, with the sole purpose of offering a few moments of peace will make everyone happy, including you.

 When doing Yoga in cold environments or outside, I have this cosy and fluffy adidas sweatshirt. LOVE it.

Of course, this can apply this to you whatever you teach if you’re a fitness instructor, not just Yoga.

Wearing the good-for-everything t-shirt. Yoga, running, or a walk in the park.

2. Run for a charity

In the UK, running for charity is a very common thing to do. Wherever you live, there is almost certainly a race this weekend. And the next. And so on.

It can be a great motivation to get you into running if you’re not doing it yet. It will get you moving and will keep you going because you’re raising money for a cause you believe in.

But of course, if I’m mentioning running for charity, I have to also mention the greatest race – The London Marathon. Regarding money raised, it’s the biggest fundraising event in the world. Since the race began in 1981, £890 million were raised – so far.

So if you do sign up for 2020 event (the 2019 registration is closed), consider running for a charity, even if you get a place in the ballot.

3. Support your local community

In the area where I live, you can be part of the volunteers’ group that takes care of local parks – for cleaning, gardening, organizing events. Whatever special skill you might have – cooking, planning, gardening, crafts – there will be an opportunity to help out.

One of my friends volunteers at the cafe of the church she’s a member of. It’s not a lot, 4 hours on a Friday, but this is her way of giving back.

Charity shops are always looking for volunteers, and the same goes for animal shelters. If you’re a dog lover but can’t have your own, walking one from a shelter will be a blessing for the animal and a pleasure for you.

I sometimes buy food for the homeless people I see on my way to work. They’re always the same, I know both them and their dogs. If you see a homeless person, ask if they’d like something to eat. It’s a good way to know they’re honest and your gift will be appreciated.

With websites like helpfulpeeps.com, you could also help a neighbour in need with chores, cooking, house sitting, etc. They can also do the same for you.

4. Support socially conscious brands

Business is for profit, we get that. But if some of that money goes into a good cause, I’m more likely to choose that brand over another.

Planting trees, donating one pair of shoes for each pair sold, saving endangered species, fighting against animal testing, tackling plastic pollution or climate change – these are all examples of what your money can contribute to indirectly. If you believe in a cause, spend your money on a brand that shares that belief.

Have you heard of adidas’s range, Parley? Sportswear and shoes made out of recycled plastic, collected before reaching our oceans. Have a look here.

5. Ways to support your causes

If you do donate money, consider donating a small amount every month rather than a big chunk during the holidays. Charities rely on cash flow, so even if it’s less, they will appreciate regular payments.

Can’t donate money? Then declutter your home and either sell the items yourself or donate them to the charity shops. If you only have some bedding and towels, those will be happily received by animal shelters.

You can also use browser extensions such as GoRaise (UK), that donate a small amount to your cause every time you shop online from certain brands.

6. Be a responsible human

Eat less meat.
Use fewer resources (water, electricity, gas).
Reduce your plastic usage.
Drive less.

It’s tempting to say that one single person can’t change the world, but we did it already. It’s time to change it back, and you have the power to do it. With every purchase and every action you take, you support one outcome or the other.

Let me know what are other ways that you use to give back. We can all learn from each other!

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