You’re probably here because you tried countless diets. Some worked for a while but then stopped working, some were a complete failure right from the start. I can understand why you’re sick and tired of this and why you’re afraid of giving it yet another go. Why can’t you figure this thing out already?

It’s perfectly normal and there’s nothing wrong with you. Everyone, including myself, had a bumpy road when it comes to weight loss. Oh, just wait until I tell you my story. As they say, you have to kiss a whole lotta frogs until you find Prince Charming. 

But it had to happen, so you can get to this moment in time. Because in this moment, you’re ready to do this once and for all! Because even though it’s hard, staying stuck is also hard. And you can’t let this hold you back anymore.

You don’t need another diet or another meal plan.

If these would work, you would not be here now. Something must be missing, otherwise, you, along with the rest of the world, would not have a problem anymore. Believe me, it’s not just you.

For me, the missing piece was the mindset. I was still eating my emotions, and ending weeks or months of restriction with binging on sweets. Though the net result did not negatively impact my weight every time, my relationship with food was damaged. 

My weight loss journey

I’ve always been a bit heavier. I went on my first diet in secondary school, when I had to eat peppers and cabbage soup. That lasted for 2 full days.

Then I tried the one where you eat the same thing for one day, every three hours. I got bored after the third potato. Of course, maybe being a teenager made me lose my motivation very fast and quickly jump to something different.

Thanks to a mix of growing up and then being broke throughout college, I had a normal-ish weight until I was 23. And then things blew up. In 2015, when I was 27 and prepping my wedding, I looked in the mirror and hated myself.

I was 40 pounds overweight, unhappy, couldn’t stand taking pictures, had no self-confidence, but I was lying to myself. I was already a runner and my dogs kept me active for most of the day, so my food and alcohol intake was “justified”. Every meal was pure pleasure and most of my time was spent thinking about what should I eat next.

But I had a wake-up moment because I couldn’t stand the thought of looking back at my wedding pictures to see a sad face. Or, not have pictures at all because I was avoiding them.

My first success was through weight training and a very low-carb diet, followed by calorie counting for about 6 months. But at some point, I got fed up with counting calories. And when I got my hands on bread or sweets, I held on… for days, or even weeks.

I was in a much better place than when I started, but I kept going up and down. Then I completely quit dieting and enjoyed a long biscuit-filled phase. Then went back. Quit again, this time exploring Donut World. Went back. Discovered Intermittent Fasting. Went great, but quit that too. I was tired of fighting the last 15 pounds over and over and over again.

Sounds familiar?

At the beginning of this year, I recommitted, but changed strategies

No more:

  • self-hate
  • counting calories
  • restriction followed by binging
  • eating my emotions
  • exercising as punishment for eating too much
  • scale fear
  • self-blame for being weak or “bad” after I had dessert

I am now at my goal weight. After so many years of trying.

Self-love, a good plan, understanding what’s going on, training the mind and learning how to cope with feelings the right way.
This is the secret sauce

How I can help you through Weight Loss Coaching

If you’re ready to say “I’m going to lose weight” for one last time, let me help you.

Maybe you’re afraid of one more failure, so let me stop you right there. Even though I have some recommendations when it comes to food, there’s no diet. There’s no meal plan. Because you need to figure out what can work for you so you lose the weight and keep it off forever

I’ll help you come up with a strategy that fits your body and your schedule.

You’ll learn how to stop emotional eating.

I’ll give you the tools that brought me peace around food

If you’re ready, I’d love to be your coach. You can work with me in chunks of 3 months at a time, for as many times as you need. 

The package includes:

  • one coaching call per week, 1 to 1, on Skype or Zoom
  • unlimited support on email or Whatsapp
  • accountability
  • random video tips from me during the week, when I know you might be needing them

The cost is £1500. You can choose to pay in full or 3 payments of £500 per month. 

It all starts with filling in this application.

If you’re not ready to commit yet, there’s plenty of free information on the website to get you started. Actually, I advise you to check out these articles even if you do want to work with me.

You can do this. But if you decide you need support, I’m here for you. The link to the application is here.

Love and gratitude,