WePlay Launch by WeTrain. And my first Barre class

Last week I attended a lovely event by WeTrain. Who are they and what do they do? Based in South London, they have small group PT classes (max. 8 people) and they promote exercise as a social activity. Instead of going for a beer with your best friend, you might go for a HIIT session. And I think that’s a great idea. The classes are pay as you go, which is another plus, and all you have to do is get an account on the web or the phone app and you’re all set.

The event happened in Brixton and was dedicated to London bloggers. They had 3 classes to choose 2 from and I went for Yoga and Barre.

Although it was difficult for me to get to South London, the venue was worth it. We were welcomed with brownies and a smoothie and I was over the moon that they were vegan and I was able to enjoy the evening as much as everyone else. Well done for that!

After meeting lots of people and doing some networking, it was time to sweat. And not only because I had to workout, but the 30 degrees that day were tough for everyone.

Each demo class was 30min long and I started with yoga. It felt a bit like a normal class, but squished into 30 minutes. We were sweating like pigs and doing our best to stay on the yoga mat though our slippery hands and feet didn’t want to listen. Still, I enjoyed the class and so did everyone else. A small note here: some moves were advanced and the teacher didn’t show options for a bit majority of us who were clearly struggling. But let’s not judge too much, doing a 30 min demo class is not easy and I know it!

The setup of the Yoga class. Beautiful

And then it was time for Barre and I was incredibly excited because I’ve never been to such class before. I did ballet as a young child (might be one of the reasons why I really enjoy yoga!), so I couldn’t wait. The fact that the HIIT class was happening on the same floor and the music was very loud, made it almost impossible to hear the teacher, but it was not hard to guess what she was saying and she was doing the moves at the same time with us. It was exactly what I expected – pain and hard work. Because I exercise often, I’m rarely sore, but Barre did it. My inner thighs were killing me the next day. Many moves were similar to the ones in my Pop Pilates class, so I didn’t make a complete fool of myself, but it was hard. And the teacher Hillary was happy and energetic the whole time, so well done to her. I definitely want to do Barre again.

I took this “to go” and it made a great salad for lunch the next day ๐Ÿ™‚

After the classes were over, we were invited to have some more treats (plenty of them vegan) and Prosecco while attending a presentation about WeTrain. Julien Allwood (GB Triple Jumper) talked about the work they are doing with Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and after some more networking and treats, it was time to go home. A lovely evening and successful event.

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