Looking back at 2016 – the year of London Marathon

Wow, this went by fast! Everywhere in the world, 2016 was a year to remember. Some things were awesome (the Rio Olympics), some things not that awesome (Brexit, the US presidential election and a few horrible events). For us? A lot of firsts and a lot of lifestyle changes. The first half of the year was definitely dominated by running, whereas the second half was dedicated to minimizing everything. So far, we have nothing planned for 2017, so looking forward to seeing what the year will bring. Goodbye, 2016!


1. 1st of January – Family Parkrun

We don’t care about New Year’s, so we went to bed as early as possible to be fresh for the 1st of January parkrun. We hope to make this a tradition!

2. March 20th – The first half marathon – The Hampton Court Palace Half

With just a couple of months of training, we did our first half! You can read the review of the race here. But the half itself was a training run for what came next… The MARATHON.

3. April 24th – The first marathon – The London Marathon

Cold early mornings, very long runs, thousands of calories burnt and eaten every weekend, sore legs, knee pain, tears, and many others. Training for London was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done. We wrote many blog posts on marathons, including the race review, how we trained and what we ate and how to prepare for the long runs. Even though it was hard, we will run others. Like any marathon runner, we’d like to do all 6 Marathon Majors.

4. May 15th – The Bucharest Half

Going back home to run the half marathon was both emotional and challenging. It was hot, and we were still recovering after London. Read the race review here and if you ever consider visiting Bucharest, let us know, and we’ll give some tips.

5. Summer family parkrun

Maia’s first 5k made everyone proud. It was enjoyable for all us of, and it was a way to share a bit of our lifestyle with her. Every time we talk on the phone, and we tell her we were at the parkrun, now she knows what we’re talking about. You can read about our family summer fitness in this post.

6. September 11th – The Great North Run

This was our favourite race ever. A beautiful city, good food, personal bests, the sea, champagne – we loved every single bit of it. Of course, we have a race review, and we’re very tempted to run GNR again.

7. September 17th – Rough Runner, the first Obstacle Race Course

You can find a few images of the race and some tips on how to train for such an event in this blog post. It was intense but doable. Still, we will always remember that day because Alin hurt his shoulder and was on painkillers for a few weeks.

Other achievements worth mentioning

  1. Alin won the Edmonton Running Club handicap races championship
  2. Andreea is now a Pop Pilates certified instructor
  3. We became vegan
  4. Started our minimalism journey
  5. Andreea’s yoga streak – 110 consecutive days of yoga
  6. One of our recipes got published in a cookbook
  7. Alin’s Leadership in Running Fitness certification
  8. We did October Run Every Day for the second year in a row. Alin ran 10k every day and some days more! 360km for almost 30 hours in total in October, more than the whole 2015.
  9. Met Beach Yoga Girl
  10. Andreea had her first professional fitness photoshoot

Ok, that’s a wrap. Here’s to a better 2017! Cheers!

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