Yoga and Pilates Classes in Hertfordshire

Public classes Schedule


  • No classes available


  • Starting in September: 6:30 PM Pilates
    • Beginner and Intermediate
    • The Yoga Lighthouse – Pumphouse Studio, Ware
    • Book with the studio here


  • 7:45 PM Hot Hatha Yoga
    • Beginner & Intermediate
    • The Yoga Lighthouse – Hot Space Studio, Ware
    • Book with the studio here
    • Every first Wednesday of the month, this is a restorative class


  • 7:45 PM Hot Flow Yoga
    • Beginner & Intermediate
    • The Yoga Lighthouse – Hot Space Studio, Ware
    • Book with the studio here


  • No classes


  • No classes


yoga class in cheshunt
  • 9:30 AM Hatha Yoga
    • Beginner & Intermediate
    • The Space 2 Be, Cheshunt
    • Book with the studio here
    • Every first Sunday of the month, this is a restorative class
  • NEW! 11:00 AM Back Care Yoga & Pilates
    • Beginner & Intermediate
    • Nigel Copping Building, Stanstead Abbotts
    • Book here or message me

Private or small group (max 3 people) classes at home

When it’s hard to balance work, love, kids, pets, friends and social engagements, that’s when you know you need to focus on you. One hour for yourself is not selfish, is necessary. 

If you’re one of the people listed below, private classes are for you.

1. You’re a beginner, and you want to get yourself ready for group classes – both physically and mentally. I get it. When I started my fitness journey, I exercised with a personal trainer first. He taught me proper technique and that’s what kept me away from injuries all these years. If you want to learn to do the poses safely and correctly before joining a studio, I’m here for you.

2. You’re an intermediate with specific goals. You want to learn arm balances, but only a few teachers have crow or maybe side crow in their flows. You want more, and you’re tired of browsing YouTube for videos. You want something made just for you.

3. You have one or multiple conditions and need modifications during class. It’s hard to keep up with the rest of the group when some poses are inaccessible or even dangerous for your body. If you want to make sure the session is safe and effective for you, look no further. I am qualified to work with: obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, COPD, back pain, joint replacement, anxiety, and depression. Message me if you have a condition that’s not in the list.

4. You just want someone to come to your home and offer classes tailored to you.

What you need:  

  • Just space and comfortable clothes. If you have your own Yoga mat, great.


  • Private: £50 per 1h class  
  • 2 people: £25 per person per 1h class  
  • 3 people: £20 per person per 1h class  

Areas covered: Hertford, Ware, Hoddesdon, Cheshunt, London Shoreditch (Old Street, Liverpool Street), North London (Palmers Green, Southgate, Winchmore Hill, part of Enfield). If your location is not on the list, send me an email, maybe we can make it work.

About your instructor

Hi! Andreea here. If you expected me to list all my qualifications and brag about the guru I trained with, or how much time I spent in India cleaning my soul while living in a hut with 5 other women, I have to disappoint you. I’m not that kind of person. Plus, those words will mean nothing to you.

I teach Yoga and Pilates in the Western world, for the Western world. And here’s how I can help you.

After spending 10 years in the software industry, I had an itch to go out there and do something that will have a positive impact in the world. I felt the benefits of these two disciplines on my own body and mind, so I wanted to share them with others.

Once I started teaching, I realized that everyone who comes to the studio is a special individual. Every person has unique needs and a unique body. I wanted to be able to help more, so I continued my education to learn how to support students with medical conditions – diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, etc. And then went on and specialized in low back pain.

So if you do need a modification, you’re in good hands.

If you’re wondering about the benefits of my classes, here’s what you get:

  • Strength and flexibility overall
  • The ability to deal with problems with calm and positivity
  • Improved focus
  • A strong and flexible low back so you can easily do day to day activities
  • Relaxation after a hard day at work
  • Becoming a calmer person for yourself and your family
  • A complement to other fitness activities to prevent injury

Either you want some gentle exercise or you’re a long distance runner looking to prevent injury or anything in between, I’m looking forward to working with you.

What kind of teacher am I? The perfect mix between a military bootcamp instructor and a meditating monk. Some days you need one, some days you need the other.

If you want to know more about me, go check out the About page. Questions? Email at [email protected]. My phone number is 07949213875. Don’t call though, this is the 21st century, you’ll find me on Whatsapp.

See you on the mat!

Love and gratitude,