Yoga for relaxation (20 min practice for hips and shoulders)

yoga for relaxation

April is stress awareness month and one of my favourite relaxation techniques is Yoga, of course. Join me on the mat for a quick 20 min yoga for relaxation practice to stretch hips and shoulders, the muscles that hold most of the tension we build up during the day.

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Don’t want to play the video? Here’s the list of the poses, hold each of them for 5 breaths.

Yoga for relaxation poses

  1. Seated side bend, both sides
  2. Neck stretch, both sides
  3. Fold from a cross-legged position and walk hands to one side, then the other
  4. Cat / cow x 5
  5. Sit on your heels. Eagle arms, both ways
  6. Stretch tops of the feet
  7. Seated forward fold
  8. Cow face pose, both sides
  9. On your back, twist, both sides
  10. Figure 4 stretch, both sides
  11. Reclined butterfly
  12. Savasana

Enjoy! And let me know if you want more Yoga videos!



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